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Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Department: Biology Effective Date: October 2002
Grade: USG 8 Reports to: Administrative Assistant

General Accountability

Reporting generally to the Administrative Officer in the Department of Biology.  The incumbent is responsible for ensuring the smooth and successful execution of pertinent laboratory exercises of designated upper level undergraduate microbiology courses as requested by the associated instructor and/or faculty member(s).

Nature and Scope

Primary role is to service the laboratory component through the preparation and  provision of tested requisite materials, relevant demonstrations, and laboratory equipment for the initial and any follow-up laboratory sessions for the designated courses in a timely manner; the subsequent clean-up of the laboratory space with the appropriate handling and disposal of used materials and cultures at the end of each laboratory exercise, as well as demonstrating the proper and safe operation of equipment, e.g., autoclave, steamer, centrifuge, microscopes, biosafety cabinet, fume hood, any specialized equipment.

Additional responsibilities include: i) financially responsible administration course budgets -- sourcing and ordering of laboratory supplies within limits, and general prep. room maintenance supplies; ii) recommendations (and costing  if required) to Associate Chair of equipment to improve execution of undergraduate laboratories;   iii) establishing and maintaining liaison with sales representatives for technical and price updates;  iv) servicing and maintenance of all teaching equipment in satisfactory working condition;  v) maintenance and distribution of  bacterial culture collection;  vi) updating safety procedures, including maintenance of first-aid supplies,  and  vii) proper disposal of hazardous materials.

As well, the technician is responsible for trouble-shooting of experiments, and assisting the instructor and/or faculty member in the development of new experiments.  Where necessary, the technician may be called upon for help in explaining principles behind the experiments.   In the absence of a course instructor s/he may be called upon to assume similar duties (Senior Demonstrator).  In the event of a shortage of teaching assistants, the technician may be asked to fill in.  This requires a sound understanding of the theoretical, as well as practical aspects of the microbiology.

The technician also acts as a resource person for graduate students in the development of their research projects, especially through technical expertise in operating specialized equipment and ordering specific supplies, and for summer program leaders; a supervisor  subordinates, as needed.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions