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Administrative Services Co-ordinator

Date: February 1, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Manager, Academic Advising
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Dean of Science Office


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

This position is responsible for providing administrative support, decision-making advice, and discretion for Science Undergraduate Studies Committee activity, undergraduate calendar revisions, student discipline case investigations, undergraduate course scheduling, academic advising and undergraduate operations in the Faculty of Science.

Key Accountabilities:


Faculty of Science Sections of Undergraduate Calendar

  •  Science Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUSC)
    • Schedule SUSC meetings (approximately 10 per year)
    • Serve as recorder in SUSC meetings, as a non-voting member
    • Review and assemble SUSC agenda submissions (reports of curriculum additions, as well as new course descriptions, course changes and course inactivation) from Science departments and schools
    • Maintain copies of agenda documents and meeting minutes
    • Track all program and course changes each calendar year
    • Distribute all course related changes to other faculties for reference when making revisions that affect their sections of the undergraduate calendar


  • Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC)
    • Prepare Science submission to SUC in conjunction with the associate dean, undergraduate studies
    • Distribute SUC-approved reports to SUSC members, including calendar representatives
    • Liaise between assistant university secretary and associate dean, undergraduate studies, during preparation of SUC agenda and materials


  • Undergraduate calendar maintenance
    • Primary responsibility in the Faculty of Science for maintaining the Science sections of the undergraduate calendar
    • Process course changes, create new courses or cross-listed courses, and process course inactivation using SA Catalog
    • Review and approve course catalog entries, approved by SUC, and put forward by Records and Systems
    • Train, guide, and assist Science calendar representatives (6 in total) with SUC approved calendar text updates and accessibility using the Academic Calendar Maintenance System (ACMS)
    • Identify calendar text requiring revision in future calendars


Student discipline

  • Policy 71
    • Initiate and maintain an individual file for Science students involved in a Policy 71 allegation
    • Liaise with Registrar’s Office (RO) to issue and remove UR (under review) grades and suspension notes as required
    • Liaise with the associate dean, undergraduate studies, and the associate dean, student relations, to prepare, issue and distribute allegation letters and discipline summaries
    • Update the Campus Incident System (CIS) database with all case details, and maintain a separate internal database
    • Co-ordinate  registration of students into academic integrity workshops
    • Maintain up-to-date allegation and summary letter templates
    • Distribute files to other faculties when cases involve students from other departments or when Science students with files move into other faculties
    • Follow-up on outstanding resolution items (each term)
    • Compile term statistics related to Policy 71
  • Maintain records on Policy 33 (Ethical Behaviour) allegations, and Policy 72 (Student Appeals) of grievance or discipline appeals



Course scheduling

  • Each term (three times annually),
    • Liaise with other Science department timetable representatives and Dean of Science program advisors, to plan course offerings, sections, caps, reserves, and reserve caps; input room requests, offering pattern requests, and instructor data into the Data Collection Unit (DCU)
    • Collect instructor constraint data, and co-ordinate with other Science department representatives, to determine course constraints for Dean of Science programs (SCI and SCBUS subjects)
    • Review all Science DCU data for accuracy, and review service-taught course DCU data, for potential concerns
    • Review proposed schedules for accuracy, conflicts, errors, and potential concerns
    • Liaise with Science and other Faculty timetable representatives to problem solve scheduling conflicts before enrolment of students into real sections; continue resolution of issues arising once students have been enrolled


Academic advising (First-year Science students; students in Honours and General Science programs)

  • Provide academic advice, by maintaining in-depth and current knowledge of Science, regarding:
    • undergraduate curriculum and academic requirements for all programs
    • admissions regulations and practices
    • regulations and University policies of particular relevance to student issues
    • disciplines that are relevant to Honours Science and General Science students
    • support resources that are available to students, both within and outside the Faculty/University
  • Apply a continually evolving understanding of both the breadth and boundaries of his/her authority in relation to his/her duties
  • Participate, in conjunction with the Science Undergraduate Office advising team, in the first-year block enrolment process
  • Register verification of illness forms (VIFs) in Student Accountability System (SAS)
  • Enter appropriate ASIS (Advising Student Information System, or equivalent) notes when providing any form of academic advice, whether by phone, email, or in-person:
  • ‘Virtual advising’; updating Science student records
    • CLR, English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR), Life Sci, Phys Sci reports, DHL, GDHL coding and checking
      • Review (each term) data extracts of students repeating courses that have been passed or for which there were multiple previous failed attempts
      • Communicate the consequences to students of such actions, following up to verify whether or not these courses were dropped
      • Liaise with the Registrar’s Office to have the proper coding or record updates completed and communication with the students


Science Undergraduate Office/Dean of Science Office Safety Officer

  • Co-ordinate related activities with Manager, Academic Advising, and Manager, Science Infrastructure, Special Projects and Facilities
  • Update staff on safety issues, ensure first aid kit is complete and defibrillator operating, and attend safety meetings and other safety update sessions
  • Perform monthly and yearly safety inspections and complete safety reports
  • Track mandatory training completion and advises on appropriate training

Position Requirements


Undergraduate degree, Science preferred


Three to five years academic advising, undergraduate scheduling/co-ordinator, curriculum co-ordinator


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Basic WCMS, ACMS, DCU, Quest, ASIS, CIS, SAS,

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Tailoring communication to appropriate audiences, students, staff, faculty, parents, alumni, prospective students.

Level of Responsibility:

Setting deadlines for SUSC and SUC submissions, reserves for courses, coaching scheduling colleagues in Science, back-up for scheduling colleagues, booking meetings.

Decision-Making Authority:

Making decisions about communication plans, related activity, for students missing ELPR, CLR, DHL, GDHL, degree requirements for Honours and General Science students, course conflicts, reserve levels and assignments and problem-solving with students, staff, and faculty in each of these scenarios, editorial choices for undergraduate calendar.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Demands typical of an academic advisor operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Travel: Ontario Universities Fair. Working hours: Regular working hours with occasional weekend work (e.g. Fall Open House, March Break Open House, You@Waterloo Day. Calendar editing periods. Risks: No significant physical or psychological risks, minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an academic advisor