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Grounds Foreperson

Department: Plant Operations Effective Date:

July 23, 2004

Grade: USG 9 Reports to: Director, Custodial and Grounds Services

General Accountability

Accountable to the Director, Custodial and Grounds Services the Grounds Foreperson is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and coordination of the overall maintenance requirements of the University Campus grounds and  Research and Technology Park including turf, horticultural areas,  naturalized areas,  water courses and features, paved and other hard surfaces.

Nature and Scope

The Grounds Forepersons, Auto Mechanics and the Custodial Night Shift Supervisor report to the Director, Custodial and Grounds Services.  The Grounds Forepersons will deal directly with various University stakeholders in regards to comments, requests or complaints.

Regular staff, temporaries and students are supervised by the Grounds Foreperson.  The Foreperson is responsible for the maintenance of  turf, horticultural areas, naturalized areas, water courses and features, roads and walks and playing fields as well as the waste management and recycling contract operations. 

Maintenance of turf , horticultural areas and naturalized areas includes determining appropriate cultural practices, scheduling and supervision.

Maintenance of water courses and features includes level control, erosion control measures, storm water pond maintenance.

Maintenance of roads and walks includes repair of asphalt, concrete or interlocking surfaces, cleaning of catch basins, line painting on roadways and parking lots, snow and ice removal, design and construction of new walks as required

Maintenance of playing fields other than turf maintenance includes field layouts, field  equipment acquisition and installation

Waste management and recycling contract operations includes day to day supervision of contractor and resolution of service modification and issues as they arise

Major challenges for the Grounds Foreperson are to prioritize needs and make the necessary resource allocations.  This would be particularly true during major storm events.

The Grounds Forepersons are responsible for the day to day operations of the Grounds Section of plant Operations.  In this regard they must represent management in respect to their unionized staff.

Statistical Data

Operating budget in Grounds is $1.6 million plus capital purchases between the two incumbents.  Twenty  fulltime staff, up to 20 seasonal students and additional temporary staff as required are employed.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. to coordinate, schedule, instruct and supervise Grounds staff in a manner that ensures proper maintenance of all University roads, walks, parking lots, turfed areas, water courses and features, trees, flowers, shrubs in the summer period and snow and ice control in the winter period.
  2. budgetary control on labour and supply budgets including major equipment and supplies specification and  acquisition
  3. providing necessary instruction and oversight to the staff in regards to the safe usage of equipment and/or conduct of the assigned duties
  4. providing the necessary supervision to the staff to ensure efficient operations including assessing minor disciplinary measures as may be required.
  5. coordinating staff recruitment with Human Resources, interviewing and selection of new fulltime, temporary or seasonal employees.
  6. specifying requirements, selection and supervision of outside contractors
  7. provide input/advice regarding landscape design or construction  for new building programs including all facets of implementation or oversight as required
  8. provide design and implementation of landscape features for general campus needs
  9. liaison with University tenants (farmer, Biorem, Reid, etc.)
  10. provide specified Grounds services or oversight to University remote locations (Aberfoyle, Cambridge, Rockwood, Spongy Lake)
  11. provision of specified Grounds Services to Research and Technology Park and coordination of overall efforts with the City of Waterloo and R&T Park tenants
  12. ongoing involvement in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the UW Environmental Reserve

Working Conditions