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Instructor and Director of Fitness Unit Kinesiology

Department: Kinesiology Effective Date: April 2003
Grade: USG 11 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

Leadership for administration, co-ordination and delivery of undergraduate Kinesiology laboratory courses as assigned.  Assigned to a minimum of one undergraduate course per year as Instructor. An instructor has full academic responsibility for course including supervision of junior demonstrators and teaching assistants (TA’s) 75%.

Director of Fitness Unit (25%). The Director of the Fitness Unit reports to the Dean – Applied Health Sciences and is responsible for the services and programs of this unit. The Director supervises the Fitness and Lifestyle coordinator(s). The Fitness Unit provides consultations, assessments and programs to select clients and institutions, participates in special research initiatives in Kinesiology and does selective fitness testing.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent will be responsible for all levels of delivery of the laboratory component for several undergraduate Kinesiology courses.  This includes:

In addition the Director of the Fitness Unit promotes the activities of the unit, is responsible for contract negotiation and public speaking on behalf of the unit. The Director is responsible for the PFLC course offered to 4th year students. As the clinic’s clients include special populations such as cancer survivors, dialysis patients and others, the Director must be comfortable discussing patient health issues with local physicians and specialists.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions