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Director of Theatre Operations


University of Waterloo Theatre Centre - (UWTC)

Effective Date:

April 2006


USG 10

Reports to: Associate Provost, Human Resources and Student Services

General Accountability

The incumbent is accountable to the Associate Provost, Human Resources and Student Services and is charged with the efficient and effective management and operation of the UW Theatre Centre and the Humanities Theatre. This position encompasses all the duties and responsibilities of a “Theatre Manager” and of a “Technical Director”.

Nature and Scope

a)         Other positions which report directly to the same supervisor

b)         Positions which may also report directly to the incumbent

Description of general framework and environment:

The UW Theatre Centre is administered by the Director of Theatre Operations and falls within

the larger Student Services Group under the auspices of the Associate Provost, Human

Resources and Student Services. The UWTC operates the Humanities Theatre and Box Office

services for a diverse group of campus and off-campus clients. As the rental and staffing agent

for the venue, the UWTC serves both professional and amateur clients, providing the staffing,

equipment and expertise to execute each client=s event. At 721 seats, the Humanities Theatre

is the largest performing venue at UW and the second largest in the region. It yearly attracts

over 100 events and many thousands of patrons.

With a mandate to provide a high quality, accessible venue for UW events, from classes to

speakers, to films, to professional performers, to conferences, the UWTC funds its operations

on a “revenue neutral” basis through rentals beyond the UW community.

The DTO oversees all of the department operations with a focus on client relations, booking

and contracting, long term capital and financial planning, technical services and venue

maintenance. As a department of only two full time staff the DTO is assisted by the Front of House Manager in many areas of the operation. Both the DTO and the Front of House manager liaise internally with most other UW departments.

Statistical Data:

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

The Director of Theatre Operations will oversee or execute all aspects of UW Theatre Centre operations. The tasks attributable to a “Theatre Manager” are superscripted as 1 whereas those attributable to a “Technical Director” are superscripted as 2. Many areas, however, will overlap traditional position titles. Some specific accountabilities include but are not limited to:

a) Staff

b) Clients

c) Departmental finance

d) Physical Plant

e) UW

Working Conditions