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Manager, Circulation Services: Collections Maintenance

Department: Effective Date: May, 2012
Grade: USG 9 Reports to: Head, Circulation Services

General Accountability

This position is responsible for operations associated with the maintenance and management of the Library’s physical collections at the Dana Porter and Davis Centre libraries, and for participating in the management of the Circulation Services department.

Nature and Scope

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

1. The Circulation Services department operates at two sites, Davis and Dana Porter Libraries, and is responsible for three broad areas of activity: lending services, collections maintenance, and resource sharing and reserves. As one of three departmental managers who work with the Head, the incumbent shares responsibility for:

2. The incumbent is accountable to the Circulation department Head for leadership in developing, revising, and administering policies and procedures relating to collections maintenance, which includes responsibility for:

3. As a key member of the collections management efforts of the Library, the incumbent works in close collaboration with the two ISR department Heads in order to:

4. The incumbent provides leadership, expertise, and support to staff working in the Collections area, which includes direct reports as well as indirect reports, contract, and casual staff.  Through a collegial management style that fosters open communication, the incumbent:

Special Assignments:


There are some roles related to the management of the department that may be individually assigned, and that may rotate among the Circulation Services managers as needed.  Examples of special assignments include, but are not limited to:





Education:              Undergraduate degree or equivalent in education/experience.


Demonstrated experience in leading and managing staff and in addressing challenges and opportunities associated with a rapidly changing academic environment.  A commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence is essential.  Proven excellent communication skills with the ability to foster positive working relationships & build partnerships.  Proven ability to work effectively in a service oriented environment, which values collaboration and collegiality.  Demonstrated aptitude with reporting and querying software, with exceptional attention to detail and advanced skills in report analysis.  Ability to quickly understand new technologies as an end-user.  The incumbent must also have strong organizational and problem solving skills, with proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects. 


Assets are: a very good understanding of library record structures; a good understanding of and experience in library operations.

Moderate lifting and carrying of library materials is required.  On occasion, the incumbent may be required to respond to issues that arise during an evening or weekend.


MS Word






Not required

Demonstration of aptitude with reporting and querying software

Working Conditions