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Art Gallery Director/Curator

Department: Fine Arts Effective Date: October, 2009
Grade: USG 9 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

The UWAG Director/Curator is responsible for producing exhibitions and ancillary events in an ongoing and timely fashion for the two galleries on campus (ML and ECH). The Director/Curator is responsible for ensuring that the research and focus of said exhibitions and events reflect the current discourse of the Canadian art world and hence that they are viable in terms of contributing to contemporary Canadian culture. The Director/Curator is responsible for ensuring that contemporary museological standards are applied to the production of temporary exhibitions as well as to the care, management, exhibition and possible expansion of the University of Waterloo's permanent collection of Canadian art. The Director/Curator is responsible for teaching annually Fine 330: Topics in Museums, Galleries, and Curatorship. Through exhibitions and collections management, the Art Gallery Director/Curator cares for and manages the visual arts cultural component of campus life. The Art Gallery Director/Curator reports to the Chair of the Department of Fine Arts and works closely with the UWAG in establishing objectives. The Art Gallery Director/Curator is also responsible for producing the Gallery's Annual Report to the Student Services Advisory Committee.

Nature and Scope

The Art Gallery Director/Curator works in an environment which is largely controlled by frequent deadlines that must be met in a timely fashion for the programming of the Galleries to take place. The work environment is further complicated by a competitiveness that relates to the exhibition research interests and the external granting system within which the UWAG operates. Excellent organizational skills are a must as the Art Gallery Director/Curator must juggle several 'positions' within the structure of a public art gallery simultaneously: staff management professional development, finance, research, programming and teaching.

The responsibilities of the Art Gallery Director/Curator encompass but are not restricted to the following areas: exhibitions, collections management, administration, and instruction. In terms of exhibitions, the Director/Curator is responsible for organization and production of the 8 - 12 exhibitions per year that are presented in the two university galleries, as well as their ancillary educational programs and events. Exhibition production includes but is not restricted to research grantsmanship, administration (general production, advertising and, promotion, catalogue production, installation, hiring of guest contributors), education, extension, and liaison with other Canadian cultural institutions on collaborative projects. Collections management includes but is not restricted to the acquisition, documentation, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of the UW permanent collection.

The Director/Curator's administrative responsibilities encompass the day-to-day operations of the UWAG in accordance with the standards for care and ethical conduct as determined by the Canadian museum community. Administrative duties include but are not restricted to fiscal responsibility to the UW and outside funders; budgetary intake and disbursements for all UWAG transactions; hiring, training and management of 5 - 8 casual, part-time student employees per year; grantsmanship and project-specific fundraising; and development. The Art Gallery Director/Curator is also responsible for teaching the only museum/curatorial studies course on campus. It is listed as an Art History course through the Department of Fine Arts but is open to students from Faculties across campus. The course is required for all Art History students.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

  1. produces an on-going program of exhibitions and events in the UW galleries
  2. manages the UW permanent collection of contemporary Canadian art
  3. delivers Fine 330: Topics and Museums, Galleries, and Curatorship, once per year
  4. manages UWAG budgets
  5. executes all duties within the ethical standards of practice established by the Canadian museum community
  6. identifies and engages student interest and needs in the development of new programs and initiatives



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Student life

Working Conditions