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System Administrator/Financial Manager

Department: Optometry Effective Date: February 2006
Grade: USG 07 Reports to: Clinic Administrator

General Accountability

The System Administrator/Financial Manager reports to the Clinic Administrator.  The incumbent’s primary responsibilities will be to administer the day to day operation of the Clinic Information System and to ensure the smooth operation of all activities dependent on the database.  This includes adjusting any user authorizations, fee guide adjustments, appointment book templates and all accounting aspects of the system.  The incumbent must work closely with the OHIP Assistant with all matters pertaining to OHIP reconciliation.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent will be expected to be thoroughly cognizant with the Computer Information System and is responsible for trouble shooting if minor problems arise with the system.  Technical problems of a serious nature will be reported to the Computer System Support Specialist. 


Activities dependent upon the Computer Information System include all accounting responsibilities for the Clinic. This includes the processing and reconciliation of the OHIP billing ($50,000 to $70,000 per month), non-OHIP billing ($2,000 to $12,000 per month), accounts receivable claims, cash handling and bank deposits pertaining to the receipt of monies resulting from the dispensing of spectacles and contact lenses.  The System Administrator/Financial Manager will be responsible for ensuring that these financial duties are conducted in a manner satisfactory to the College of Optometrists of Ontario, the Ministry of Health of Ontario and in strict accordance with the policies and procedures of the Department of Financial Services of the University of Waterloo.


The System Administrator/Financial Manager is responsible for overseeing all activities pertaining to the computerized appointment scheduling process. This includes the arduous task of setting templates for each specialty clinic area each term.


The System Administrator/Financial Manager is responsible for the direct supervision of 2 full-time Cashiers, 2 part-time Cashiers and the OHIP Assistant.  This includes recruiting, performance reviews and any disciplinary issues that may occur.   In addition, the incumbent is responsible for assuming full supervisory duties of all clinic staff in the absence of the Clinic Administrator. 


The System Administrator/Financial Manager is responsible for training all new employees on the Computer Information System.


The incumbent will be expected to perform all duties independently with general direction only from the Clinic Administrator.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

The Optometry Clinic is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Employees will be expected to accept work assignments within that time frame.  Normally rotations will be organized, but from time to time it will be necessary for the Clinic Administrator to assign alternate hours.