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Manager, Infrastructure Support

Date: March, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Lab Director, Research & Special Projects
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Software Specialist
Windows Computer Specialist
Research Support Technician
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)


Main Campus


USG 12
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

ECE has become increasingly reliant on technology – both for research and for efficient administrative processing. The Manager, Infrastructure Support (Manager) is accountable to the Senior Associate Chair and Lab Director Research & Special Projects (RSP) for providing a wide range of information technology services and resources to the department. The Manager’s responsibilities encompasses several functions from leading technical staff, providing technical expertise, managing client requirements, resource management, asset auditing, and also managing the technology infrastructure, systems and services required to support the department’s teaching, research and administrative computing, technical services, and business activities.  


With the evolving nature and scope of information technology, the Manager must keep pace with technology, departmental, Faculty, and institutional requirements. The Manager is expected to lead changes to information technology and be flexibly responsive to the changing needs of the department’s teaching, research and administrative requirements. S/he is expected to remain technically current with the tools and applications that they are supporting, as well as emerging technologies related to those systems.

Key Accountabilities:


Systems and Application Management

  • Manages a multitude of computing environments and IT infrastructure systems including networking, servers, data backup, disaster recovery, servers to support both administrative and research activities;
  • Ensures support of functional equipment, department controlled classrooms and research labs are prioritized to reduce downtime;
  • Diagnoses and resolves system and application problems, monitor systems, related processes and application performance;
  • Determines root cause of service issues and implements solutions that provide long term benefit and increased operational efficiency, and/or suggests system modifications to improve service delivery;
  • Ensures incidents and service requests are assigned and resolved within service level commitments, or escalates user issues to Engineering Computing and/or IST as required;
  • Maintain service tracking processes and systems to ensure traceability, accountability and effective communication with stakeholders supported;
  • Identifies resource needs, equipment requirements, and manages software and hardware availability;
  • Manages IT procurement for software, hardware equipment and technology for department controlled classrooms, and;
  • Maintains inventory of department controlled classroom technology, computer equipment, associated software licences and other equipment ordered through the Research Infrastructure Support Group;
  • Coordinates with financial administrators and Procurement for purchasing equipment and hardware;
  • Assists faculty in the specification, planning and/or installation of hardware for research;
  • Assesses current and evolving information systems and technologies, evaluates potential acquisitions to resolve specific problems;
  • Facilitates acquisitions of hardware, software and computing services;
  • Ensures information technology risks are mitigated and implements change for continuous improvement;
  • Monitors progress of assigned projects and ensures a successful outcome;
  • Oversees management of the department’s website;
  • Acts as a senior technologist in an area of personal technical expertise.


Manage the Research Infrastructure Support Group

  • Manages a team of technical support specialists who provide technical support to a wide community for desktop, laptop, department controlled classrooms technology, etc.;
  • Assigns work assignments, coordinates individual responsibilities and resolves procedural problems;
  • Monitors activities including project assignment and resource allocation;
  • Responsible for the hiring, supervision, performance evaluation and career development of RISG staff;
  • Ensures appropriate back up, support and cross training to manage capacity;
  • Familiar with and ensures compliance with applicable employment practices, policies and legislation;
  • Hires, supervises, coaches and trains coop students as well as directs volunteers each term.



  • Assists clients with the integration of information technology to satisfy diverse computing needs;
  • Identifies client needs and evaluates alternative business solutions;
  • Consults with researchers of how best to meet their diverse IT needs, including best methods, current technologies, possible solution architectures, and staff commitment projections;
  • Provides consultative expertise in hardware and software specification and licensing, research group or laboratory operations, administrative data services, etc.
  • In collaboration with the Lab Director RSP, proposes the layout of network infrastructure for new renovations or new builds, identifies all hardware required and obtains quotes;
  • Ensures compliance with appropriate IT hardware, software and University policies and practices;
  • Surveys market and stays current on leading department controlled classrooms/IT technology and equipment to facilitate enhanced pedagogy and support departmental activities.


Other Duties

  • Maintains technical and operational documentation;
  • Develops, documents and implements technical support operating procedures;
  • Stays current with technological developments related to computer hardware, software and networks;
  • Assists with ECE safety related duties during the Lab Director RSP’s absence;
  • Special projects and other duties as assigned by the Senior Associate Chair or Lab Director RSP.

Position Requirements


Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Information Systems or equivalent combination of education and related experience.


Five years of professional IT experience supporting/managing complex networked systems.
Minimum three years of progressive leadership experience in an information technology service role.  Experience with IT Service Management systems to manage, allocate and monitor service tasks.
Troubleshooting experience with both Windows and Unix/Linus computer platforms.



Possesses good knowledge of different software systems, client/server architectures and various compatibility requirements. Working knowledge of computer hardware including desktop and network servers, information security and awareness of capabilities or limitations of various configurations.   


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Proficient Proficient Proficient

Expert - Support software for Windows and workstation administration

Intermediate – Databases

Intermediate – Web applications, Drupal, WCMS

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, works closely with faculty, staff, students and visitors within the department to resolve their computing/technology issues. Works with other departments e.g. Engineering Computing, Information Systems & Technology (IST), Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Plant Operations, etc. as required. S/he must be able to understand and communicate complex technical concepts effectively to clients or groups with a wide range of technical knowledge.
Works collaboratively with IST and Engineering Computing staff to resolve technology issues and ensure the appropriate support for systems and core processes.
Externally, negotiates with vendors regarding technology procurement and maintains relationships with various vendors, requesting competitive quotes, placing orders, etc.

Level of Responsibility:

The Manager performs direct supervision of IT professionals in managing a department-wide function that is highly specialized. The incumbent specifies and purchases computer hardware/software. The Manager supports, manages, and improves ECE’s computing infrastructure and related processes. S/he must ensure that these technologies are adequately supported within a technically diverse environment with conflicting priorities. S/he recommends solutions or enhancements to systems and processes, and provides guidance on technological evolution. The Manager must recognize the converging nature of various stakeholders.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Manager determines appropriate systems support levels. The incumbent handles non-routine inquiries that require independent judgement, technical expertise, and quick decision-making. The incumbent makes recommendations to management on the development, purchase, repair, and replacement and decommissioning of hardware and software. S/he may decide when and how to affect the working environments of clients. Sophisticated problem solving, negotiation and prioritizing abilities in a multi-task environment is required.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Periodic need to lift and manipulate computing equipment, typically workstation class equipment up to 20 kg but occasionally servers, large printers, displays, etc.   Occasional exposure to hardware located in machine rooms. 

Working Environment:

S/he must be able to deal with the pressure of multiple, concurrent demands for service in a fast paced and occasionally intense environment. Travel to faculty and staff offices, classrooms or labs is regularly required. Occasional work outside normal business hours may be required due to special events (Capstone Design Week), or to deploy new technology/maintain existing systems to minimize disruption to clients. This position is on-call to support system or network problems, and emergency situations.