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Media Resource Specialist 

Department: Information Systems and Technology in Instructional Technologies and Multimedia Services Effective Date: May 2010
Grade: USG 8 Reports to: Manager of AV Integrrations, ITMS

General Accountability

This position reports to the Manager of AV Integrations.  The Media Resource Specialist (MRS) is responsible for overseeing the staff and processes involved in acquiring and managing media content in the Media Resource Centre. These assets support/enhance course instruction, both in the classroom and the online environment.  The MRS oversees the acquisitions budget and investigates new acquisitions and formats.  The MRS liaises with media content providers, faculty members and other institutions in order to decide on media purchases.  This position works closely with the ITMS Supervisors to develop policies, manage change, set future directions and resolve problems.  The MRS  monitors trends, has a broad knowledge of current technologies and good comprehension of practices and regulations relating to media loans, licensing and copyright as it pertains to the media used by the university.

Nature and Scope

ITMS is responsible for supporting people in their use of central teaching and learning facilities. Its mandate is to maintain and evolve those facilities, and to offer technical assistance and related services, in order to help enhance course content and delivery, in the classroom and online. In this provisioning and support role, ITMS collaborates with related areas such as Centre for Extended Learning, the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the Library. As workloads permit, ITMS supports the non-academic areas of the university assisting with the acquisition and presentation of suitable program content.

Within this ITMS mandate, the MRS provides services directly to faculty, staff, and students, with priority on supporting course content. Services include locating and procurement of program materials. The Media Resource Centre houses the collection of media holdings. The MRS catalogues and controls the use of this media. As a member of the Ontario Interfilm Group, UW actively participates in the loan of media among its members. The MRS negotiates loaning of UW’s programs. The incumbent is responsible for maintaining the Watmedia database, a public, on-line catalogue which includes not only UW’s holdings but also the information for the video content of all the participants of Interfilm.  Consulting with faculty members, the MRS provides advice on media content to support the teaching and research needs of the academics. Ongoing evaluation of program content is essential in providing this advice.  Through participation in conferences, electronic discussions, committees and task groups, the MRS develops the expertise to offer evaluation.  The incumbent is responsible for establishing and building the relationship with content providers, to help them understand the needs of the academic community.  The evolution in the way media is processed and communicated requires continuous monitoring.  The MRS must stay abreast of these developments and nurture strong working relationships both within and external to the university.  The incumbent manages the daily operations within the Media Resource Centre.

Statistical Data

Clients include professors, staff and students from all Faculties and all departments on campus.  Interfilm associates deal directly with the MRS for cataloguing and borrowing programs.

Specific Accountabilities

The incumbent is responsible for specific Media Resource Centre services: media holdings, cataloguing, shipping and receiving of program assets, consulting and defining guidelines for acquisitions usage, e-classroom access, performance license requirements and copyright applications. These areas include responsibility for the following activities.

Working Conditions

Work is often performed under time constraints and to deadlines as dictated by client and course requirements.  Time management and appropriate priority determination are essential in fulfilling task obligations. (program purchasing, booking and shipping, financial dealings, committee meetings)