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Research Scientist - X-ray Crystallography

Department: Chemistry Effective Date: May 2007
Grade: USG 11 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

The X-ray Research Scientist is responsible to the Chair of the Department of Chemistry for the operation, maintenance and general functioning of the departmental equipment and day-to-day operations of the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory of the Department.

Nature and Scope

The Chemistry Department X-ray Crystallography Laboratory provides service to support research operations of department members as well as to provide occasional service to individuals and agencies external to the department and external to the University of Waterloo on a fee for service basis.  The Research Scientist bears the responsibility for the functioning and maintenance of the departmental X-ray equipment, ensuring that instrument performance conforms to standards required for reporting research results.  The Research Scientist is also responsible for the acquisition of X-ray crystallographic data for clients and will instruct interested members of the department in the operation of the equipment and facilitate their access to the facility.


The Research Scientist ensures that the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory operates on a revenue neutral basis with all expenses associated with repair, maintenance and consumables being offset by charges to users.  To this end, billing of users is carried out by the Research Scientist on a regular (monthly) basis.  In order to minimize the charges to Department users, the Research Scientist actively seeks contracts with outside users as instrument time permits.


It is expected that the Research Scientist will undertake research projects, both independently and in collaboration with members of Faculty.  Such research may be in the areas of development of new instrumentation and/or techniques.


The Research Scientist is responsible for keeping abreast of new developments in techniques and instrumentation in X-ray crystallography and implementing them in the service laboratory as time and money permits.  When addition of new instrumentation becomes desirable the Research Scientist participates with the X-ray crystallography Users Committee in preparation of grant proposals to acquire funding for such instrumentation.  Upon award of such funding the Research Scientist also participates in assessing equipment available from various vendors of the desired equipment and in negotiating terms of the purchase. 


If situations should arise where demand for X-ray crystallography service grows beyond the capability of the Research Scientist to satisfy alone, additional technical personnel may be engaged for assistance.  The Research Scientist will participate, with the X-ray Users Committee, in hiring such individuals and will bear the responsibility for their training and supervision.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

X-ray crystallographic equipment is maintained in good working order.

Crystallographic data are obtained for department users for research.

Crystallographic data are provided for non-academic clients on a fee for service basis.

Management of the X-ray Crystallography Facility is such that it is revenue neutral.

New developments in X-ray crystallography techniques are implemented.

Databases such as the Cambridge Crystallographic Database and the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database are kept up to date.

In conjunction with the users committee new instrumentation is sought, as needs arise.

Research projects are undertaken, independently and/or in collaboration with members of Faculty.

Working Conditions