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Circulation Services Supervisor:  Patron Accounts (Porter)

Department: Library - Circulation Services Effective Date: May, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Lending Services

General Accountability

The incumbent is accountable for coordinating the administration of the procedures associated with fines and cash at Porter Library; development and maintenance activities associated with ensuring the accuracy of patron records in the on-line patron database; liaison with university departments for registering patrons that fall outside usual categories; supervising three permanent part-time clerks working on the circulation desk, ensuring the smooth operation of the circulation desk at Porter Library, and for assisting with a wide variety of Library outreach activities.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent reports to the Manager, Lending Services.

The incumbent’s primary responsibilities are: to coordinate the activities required for the successful implementation of fines policies at the Porter Library; to work closely with the Circulation Desk Coordinator (Davis) to ensure that core fines procedures are identical at the two locations; to analyze the integrity of the patron database, and to direct others in the performance of the tasks associated with maintaining accurate patron records; to work with other university departments for the purpose of registering patrons that do not come under usual patron categories; to supervise three permanent part-time clerks; and to provide essential support to the Manager, Library Communications and Development, for Library outreach activities.

Fines are assessed against delinquent borrowers in accordance with the Lending Policy of the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG). The incumbent works closely with full-time and casual staff to ensure: the successful running of the fines-related notices and reports; the analysis of fines-related reports to identify potential fines issues; the timely searching of library material where charges are being disputed; appropriate follow-up when paper or electronic mail has been returned. The incumbent has the responsibility for revising and developing fines practices in close cooperation with the Circulation Desk Coordinator at the Davis Library. She also resolves patron disputes concerning fines and replacement charges. Library patrons may appeal disputes to the Head, Circulation Services.

The Library participates in the maintenance of a patron database in excess of 100,000 records. Records are passed to the library as a batch process, which creates various follow-up reports; the incumbent is responsible for acting on these reports, and for directing the work of others in cases where large amounts of data need to be manually changed. She incumbent also shares responsibility with department managers for identifying and problem-solving issues associated with ensuring accurate patron records.

Many academic departments run special programs from time to time that require the use of library resources. The incumbent provides liaison to these departments, and, in consultation with others, determines appropriate library privileges for these groups.  She also creates and maintains necessary records.

In addition, the incumbent develops cash procedures in close cooperation with the Circulation Desk Coordinator (Davis), maintains cash records, trains other staff assigned to balance cash and, in rotation with others, also balances the daily cash and prepares bank deposits. 

 Among the responsibilities associated with the above are: providing liaison with the Registrar and Financial Services Office; serving as the primary contact for other library areas making cash deposits; ensuring that cash procedures adhere to the requirements of the UW internal auditor; providing liaison with other UW libraries, (including the Federated and Affiliated College libraries), with the TUG partners, and with other universities with which the University of Waterloo has special agreements; and maintaining records and procedures.

The incumbent also ensures the smooth operation of the circulation desk at Porter Library. Duties associated with this responsibility include: being a part of the team that ensures that the desk is appropriately staffed and supplied; assisting in the development and training of new desk procedures; and directing the work of casual staff members working at the desk.  Related to this responsibility, the incumbent is the Supervisor of three permanent part-time staff who work almost exclusively on the circulation desk.

The incumbent is also responsible for training full-time and casual staff in the use of the online circulation system. She also participates in revising training procedures and in providing review sessions.

The incumbent also provides essential support to the Manager, Library Communications and Development, for Library outreach activities.  In this capacity she recruits, schedules and trains the staff who participate in activities such as Student Life 101, Open House, and Orientation Week.  She also assists with the preparation of materials such as displays and handouts.

The incumbent shares with other members of the department the tasks associated with general circulation services and works evening and weekend duty in rotation as required. As a front-line service provider and trainer, she is expected to apply high-quality customer service skills as trained in the department.  On occasion, and to fill in for an absent Evening, Weekend, or Weekend-Evening Supervisor, the incumbent may be required to work an evening or weekend shift, which includes supervising the work of casual staff.

Statistical Data


Specific Accountabilities

  1. To coordinate fines activities at the Porter Library in order to ensure a high level of accuracy and prompt resolution of patron disputes concerning fines and replacement charges.
  2. To develop new fines practices as necessary, in close cooperation with the Circulation Desk Coordinator at the Davis Library, and to jointly communicate any changes to the department, and, where appropriate, to other UW libraries and the Federated and Affiliated College libraries.
  3. To maintain and process records related to fines, e.g. marks withholds records and overdue notices.
  4. To identify and assist with problem-solving issues concerning the accuracy of the UW portion of the on-line patron database. 
  5. To process patron reports, e.g. Patron Update error report.
  6. To provide liaison with academic departments requiring special library arrangements.  To develop and maintain records of any special arrangements.
  7. To liaise with the Registrars Office, Graduate Office, Human Resources, other UW and Federated and Affiliated libraries, and other universities on fines-related and patron record-related issues.
  8. To develop and maintain cash records and train other staff to balance and deposit the daily cash.
  9. To balance the daily cash and prepare bank deposits, in rotation with others.
  10. To monitor workflow issues and supplies at the Porter circulation desk. To directthe activity of casual staff working at the desk during weekdays.
  11. To supervise three permanent part-time staff.
  12. To train full-time and casual staff in the use of the online circulation system.
  13. To provide support for Library outreach activities.
  14. To share in the provision of circulation services.
  15. Supervise and organize the work of the casual staff when called upon to work evenings or weekends when the supervisor is unavailable.

Working Conditions