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Senior Mechanical/Civil Technologist/Designer

Department: Plant Operations, Design and Construction Services Effective Date: July, 2013

USG  8 -9

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Design and Construction Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect, for the provision of estimates and cost effective mechanical and civil designs meeting client requirements, current  codes and regulations, engineering practices and University standards; for timely preparation of drawings and documents for  purchases or bidding, awards and construction of alterations, renovations and upgrading of existing buildings, structures, site services, utilities, roads, walks and landscaping.


Nature and Scope

The Design and Construction Services Section of Plant Operations consists of three disciplines; Architectural/Furnishings, Engineering and Construction Co-ordination/Inspection, each staffed with several personnel and led by the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect.


The incumbent is expected to work with little supervision and with oversight from the Registered Mechanical Design Engineer when necessary.


Projects are received by the Design Section as work requests from numerous academic, administrative, student and Plant Operations clients with whom the incumbent must communicate. In work with mechanical and/or civil content, the incumbent determines project requirements, inspects the affected area and furnishes proposed solutions or alternatives with target completion dates and an accurate construction estimate for the client’s budget. Co-ordination with other design disciplines is necessary. All work is to be conducted in a safe manner.

This position prepares designs, sketches, layouts, final drawings and specifies materials, capacities, tolerances, finishes, strengths, production and construction methods. Selects products from catalogues, technical literature and experience for suitability, availability and cost. Prepares tender documents, job instructions, requests for quotations and purchase requisitions with minor guidance.


At the completion of a work request, updates relevant CAD master drawings before the file is closed.


Recommends capable bidders from a qualified contractor list which he/she helps maintain. Meets with contractors and suppliers on site during tender periods. Issues addendums, receives and reviews tenders and obtains client and financial approvals before preparing documents for award or purchase.


Resolves problems during construction when assistance is requested by the Construction Co-ordinator/Inspectors. Prepares change notices and change orders. Does inspections and reviews of projects as warranted and reviews shop drawings and proposals submitted by contractors and suppliers.


When outside consultants are retained, he/she may be providing information as to the availability of existing services and reviewing drawings and specifications to ensure compliance with University requirements and standards.


Completes building or campus services shutdown documentation for the appropriate services that need to be interrupted during an installation.


Undertakes studies, reports, data recording and analysis.


Collaborates with the operating sections in solving operating and maintenance problems and improving energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.


This position has a direct effect on the safety, morale and working environment of the University community and on the energy efficiency and operating costs of the buildings and utilities through the design of effective mechanical or civil services.


Numerous projects are underway at any time, the incumbent must therefore be well organized and have strong communication skills to be successful.

Statistical Data

Approximately 400 work requests, with a total construction value of over five million dollars, are processed annually by the Design and Construction Services Section. This does not include special projects i.e. additions to or new buildings which are administered by Plant Operations and designed by outside consultants.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. With the guidance of the Registered Mechanical Design Engineer where required, determine and meet client requirements for civil, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, process piping, pneumatic control with cost effective design proposals and solutions that are functional and efficient, yet complying with codes and standards.
  2. Prepare accurate preliminary and final estimates and sketches for proposals to assist clients in budgetary control
  3. Prepare in a timely manner clear mechanical or civil drawings, specifications and all necessary documents for quotations, tenders, contract awards and purchases for installations and construction
  4. At the completion of a work request, update relevant CAD master drawings before the file is closed. 
  5. Prepare shutdown documentation.
  6.  When required, review drawings and specifications prepared by outside consultants to ensure compliance with University requirements and standards.
  7. Perform as Owners representative when periodically meeting Contractors during tender periods, when resolving problems and performing reviews and inspections of installations and construction.
  8.  Maintain proficiency in the use of the latest versions of Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software used in the department.
  9. Collaborate with the operating sections in solving operating and maintenance problems and at improving energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.
  10. Input time in the electronic time reporting system on a daily basis and keep time sheets up to date.
  11.  Perform other duties as assigned. 

Working Conditions