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Director, Global Research and Strategic Alliances

Date: June, 2014
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Vice-President, Research, Office of Research (OR)
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Manager, International Research and Partnerships Administrator, International Research and Partnerships

Location: Main Campus

USG 15

35 hr/wk



Waterloo International

Primary Purpose

As a senior internationalization strategist and UWaterloo International Liaison Officer (ILO), responsible for serving as a key liaison with external international agencies and for implementing  a broad range of strategic activities supporting international research, training, research mobility, and development programs, including development, approval, and coordination of formal agreements for international research and general partnerships with institutions abroad. Plays a crucial role in expanding and maintaining UWaterloo’s reputation for global excellence in research, a critical component of the internationalization goals specified in the university’s Strategic Plan (2013/2014).

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Accountable for  all aspects of UWaterloo international research and general partnerships,  including  development and implementation of strategic initiatives to enhance opportunities and funding for international research and to promote international training, research mobility,  and development programs; responsible for  facilitating global alliances and  global networking of UWaterloo research centres and institutes.


2.  Accountable  for management of all international research projects, research mobility, training and development programs as well as strategic partnerships


3.  Collaborates, advises, consults, and keeps current with relevant research and institutional knowledge


4Manages, motivates and mentors staff

Position Requirements


Graduate degree; professional qualifications or specialized training related to international research and global alliances.



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

 Internally, interacts with faculties and departments to facilitate international research and global partnership strategies; externally, as the UWaterloo ILO, communicates and negotiates with international institutions and organizations as well as high-level government and private stakeholders to achieve UWaterloo international  research goals; exercises diplomacy and demonstrates superior interpersonal skills in hosting visiting dignitaries.

Level of Responsibility:

Directs a university-wide function; provides senior management expertise and is accountable for establishing strategic priorities that ensure effective development and management oversight of international research proposals and projects and global alliance agreements.

Decision-Making Authority:

As a senior internationalization strategist, accountable for decisions that impact the reputation of the university and the successful establishment of international research and global alliances; makes independent decisions while travelling to ensure that UWaterloo’s internationalization priorities are represented at external venues; has signing authority for international research, training, research mobility and development proposals and contracts to a maximum specified in university policies.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

While on campus: minimal demands typical of a position operating within an office environment; while travelling: on occasion, extreme demands because of unavoidable exposure to dangerous or unpleasant environments; disruptions in lifestyle attributable to extended hours/schedules.

Mental Stress: While travelling: possibility of exposure to political unrest and increased potential for unstable social conditions; difficulties associated with travelling and communicating where English is not the first language; additional hours of work and prolonged absences from office and home; multiple and/or tight deadlines.

Working Environment:

While on campus: minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a position exposed to stress and pressure associated with senior-management-level responsibilities; work outside the normal operating hours of the institution; while travelling: on occasion, exposure to disagreeable conditions, 8- to 24-hour plane rides in economy class, and possible exposure to numerous diseases and unsanitary conditions.