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Senior Technologist

Department: Earth & Environmental Sciences Effective Date: July 2010
Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Chair of the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

General Accountability

The incumbent is accountable to the Chair of the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences through the Environmental Isotope Laboratory Advisory Committee (EIL-AC) for the management and operation of the Environmental Isotope Laboratory, its staff, equipment, student users, and many external contracts, with the primary objective of developing and applying isotope technology in environmental research.

Nature and Scope

The Environmental Isotope Laboratory (uwEILAB) operates on a fee-for-service basis ($1.6 million 2008/9) analyzing samples for the content of various isotopes for both University and external researchers and to businesses and government agencies on a cost-recovery basis. The EIL charges for these analyses to cover chemicals, equipment and salary costs related to the analyses.

The isotope facility's primary function is to provide analyses on a variety of materials for the stable isotope ratios of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, chlorine, bromine and strontium; and the radioactive isotope tritium. The Lab Manager also provides information for sample collection, preservation, shipping and analytical protocols to clients.

Statistical Data

Number of Full-time Staff Members    10

Number of Part-Time Employees        14

Revenues           $1.6 million       UW/External Researchers 10/90%

Samples Analyzed/year             28,000

Equipment:                         $3 million

Supplies/Consumables:             $300 thousand




Government Agencies:    

Consulting Companies:

Specific Accountabilities

The Lab Manager makes day-to-day decisions involving matters concerning the operation of the EIL and the provision isotope analyses to its users. He/she is responsible for the supervision of on-going employees, trainees including research fellows and students, and follows all guidelines of the University of Waterloo policy and procedures manual.

Duties include:  


Working Conditions

The lab manager is required to be accessible for client contact by telephone and/or email to answer questions, provide technical support and pricing for laboratory services and on occasion will be required to train others in the lab and/or prepare samples for analysis.