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Botany Technician

Department: Biology Effective Date: July 2002
Grade: USG 8 Reports to: Administrative Assistant-Spv

General Accountability

This position is generally accountable to the Administrative Assistant in the Department of Biology for the managing of the graphics and darkroom, and the purchasing, inventory and maintenance of undergraduate microscopes in biology.  The technician is accountable to the faculty in collection of live specimens, maintenance of flower collections, and for the successful operation of the assigned undergraduate laboratory and field courses.

Nature and Scope

Graphics Room

The incumbent is responsible for the organizational, administrative, structure and support necessary to manage the graphics facility.  These responsibilities include serving as a resource person and consultant, preparation of applications for grants, instructional sessions, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, functional supervision of users, purchasing and budget monitoring. 


Responsible for approximately 600  departmental undergraduate microscopes at a replacement value of 1.5 million dollars.  Responsibilities include: co-ordination and organization of preventative maintenance  inventory, upgrades, grant request for new purchases, contact with outside service personnel, administer maintenance budget of up to $10k/year. 


Responsible for administering budget, instruction in photography and darkroom techniques, administration and maintenance of room and equipment.

 Field Courses

The incumbent is responsible for approximately 16 students at 2 week off campus Algonquin Field course.  Responsibilities include; organization of audio visual equipment, vehicles, GPS units, swim tubes, photosynthetic meters, microscopes etc.  This includes purchasing and maintenance of equipment and transportation to and from the facility. 

The incumbent provides supervision, support and direction for students research projects including use of equipment and troubleshooting experimental design.  Responsible for adapting basic hardware into other equipment. 

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories

Responsible for the laboratory component for courses in plant molecular, environmental physiology, plant anatomy and plant taxonomy.  Responsibilities include administering course budgets (which includes ordering supplies), testing and troubleshooting, development of new experiments, maintaining contact with sales personnel for technical updates, maintaining teaching equipment, updating safety procedures including disposal of hazardous materials, provide teaching and instruction to undergrad students in all aspects of laboratory performance, acts as instructor for upper year courses including direction for teaching assistants, conducting organizational meetings with TA’s as required.

Flower Collection and Maintenance

Independently maintains dried flower collection in excess of 200 species of wild flowers.  This involves independent field trips to collect, identify and preserve specimens.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions