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Senior Chemical/Mechanical Systems Designer

Department: Chemical Engineering Effective Date: January, 2014

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Technical Operations-Chemical Engineering

General Accountability

This position supports all Researchers and Undergraduate Lab instructors in the department to assist and facilitate the transformation of abstract scientific concepts into tangible research or teaching equipment.  Further, it will use good judgment in balancing initiative, focus, decisiveness, prioritization and tact. Will maintain the confidence and respect of those responsible for related facilities and functions in academic and/or academic support units. Requires only general direction.

Nature and Scope

This position participates in all research and laboratory teaching equipment design and fabrication projects in the Department requiring this service.  It includes the design and fabrication of equipment or accessories related to pressurized gas flow, fluid chemical flow, chemical reactions and any other aspect of Chem Eng research. The position frequently contributes expertise to other departments and occasionally to other faculties.

Statistical Data

The Department of Chemical Engineering has a complement of 35 tenured, and probationary faculty, 11 technical staff, 6 administrative staff, and numerous adjunct faculty, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral fellows. The Department of Chemical Engineering over the next one to two years is expected to grow to a complement of 37 tenured, and probationary faculty, 12 technical staff, and 7 administrative staff. 

Specific Accountabilities

1.  Position Requirements:






4.Project Management:



Working Conditions