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Library Assistant – Resource Sharing (ILL)

Department: Library - Circulation Services Effective Date: May 1, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to:

Resource Sharing Supervisor

General Accountability

Resource Sharing is the unit within Circulation Services that provides three main services: interlibrary loan and document delivery service to the University of Waterloo (UW) community; TUG Book and Article Retrieval Service to the Tri-University Group of Libraries (TUGBars); and Industrial and Business Information Service (IBIS). The incumbent is primarily responsible for receiving and processing ILL/DD requests from other libraries and institutions, as well as the processing of borrowing requests. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of interlibrary lending, from eleven UW responding library locations, in accordance with existing codes and policies.

Nature and Scope

This position reports to the Resource Sharing Supervisor. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery (ILL/DD) is a means whereby libraries and other institutions may borrow materials or obtain photocopies from other libraries for their patrons.  Resource Sharing (Lending) receives and processes orders for loans and photocopies from other libraries and institutions.

The incumbent is responsible for receiving and processing loan or photocopy orders from other libraries; determining whether the material is held by this library and is eligible for loan; working with staff at other UW Library and UW Library affiliated locations for the retrieval of the material; charging the material through the Circulation System or photocopying, as appropriate; using Ariel or other means of electronic document delivery; and completing the appropriate records for the transaction.  Much of this work is accomplished using online systems, including Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting (RACER) and Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC) Resource Sharing. The incumbent may also be required to communicate with other departments on campus as well as the institutional borrowers for whom service is provided. Computer files are used for the record maintenance involved in the lending operation, and statistical reports and billing information are generated from online systems. This billing information data is manually input into the UW’s Accounts Receivable database. The incumbent must possess a sophisticated degree of understanding of the network environment needed to resolve complex RACER issues and be able to dialogue with Scholar’s Portal staff in those instances where assistance is needed for successful resolution.

The incumbent is also responsible for the hiring, training and supervising of casual staff who retrieve materials from the stacks to satisfy requests or who scan documents into the Ariel system.

The incumbent is also responsible for supporting the ILL Borrowing process and is expected to maintain the necessary skills in order to search TRELLIS, Amicus, and OCLC in sufficient depth.

The incumbent contributes to the overall operation of the Resource Sharing unit, especially by working with other ILL/DD staff to ensure the availability of customer service to patrons in person, by telephone or electronically.

All members of the department are cross-trained and in the absence of others the incumbent may assume his/her responsibilities to ensure effective operation of the unit

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

To receive, verify and process incoming interlibrary loan/document delivery orders.

To input and update files relating to these orders.

To assist in providing interlibrary loan and document delivery service to patrons by phone, e-mail and in person.

To input billing information into UW’s Accounts Receivable database.

To search and process Borrowing requests using TRELLIS, Amicus, and OCLC databases.

To maintain a high level of knowledge of the technical advances of RACER and Ariel.

To deal with systems problems related to RACER, Ariel and Fax and to act as the resource for resolving system malfunctions in the network environment.

To hire, train and supervise casual staff involved in processing requests.

Working Conditions