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Administrative Officer

Department: Biology Effective Date: September, 2008

USG 11

Reports to: Department Chair

General Accountability

This position reports directly to the Chair of the Department of Biology, the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies. This position is responsible for all staff related human resources administration, financial oversight, the management of facilities and equipment, and other administrative functions required to support the teaching and research activities of the department. The Administrative Officer is the senior administrative staff position in the department and ensures continuity as academic leadership changes every 4 – 8 years.

Nature and Scope

In the Department of Biology, there are four staff members that report directly to the Chair. These comprise the Administrative Officer, and three Instructors. While the Instructors report academically to the Chair, they report administratively to the Administrative Officer.

Significant internal and external relationships for this position include:

Organizational Relationships

The Department of Biology has four key positions; these include the Chair, the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and the Administrative Officer.  The Chair is responsible for the overall direction of the Department; the Associate Chairs assist the Chair and are responsible for teaching assignments and the general direction of our graduate and undergraduate programs and the Administrative Officer is responsible for all administrative and financial activities within the Department.

General Framework and Environment

The Department of Biology has 40 faculty members, 3 instructors, 12 undergraduate officers, 4 CRC Chairs, 27 postdoctoral fellows/research associates, The Department offers programs in Honours Biology, Honours Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Sciences. There are 17 technical support staff and 7 administrative support staff.  The Department teaches courses to approximately 6500 undergraduate students each term and graduate enrolment is approximately 160 students.  The departmental operating budget is approximately six million dollars and total research income exceeds six  million dollars.  The department has a TA budget of approximately eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars and hires approximately 100-150 TA’s per term.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Major Responsibilities:


1. Planning and Support

2. Human Resources Administration

3. Financial Administration

4. Administrative Initiatives

5. Management of Physical Resources

6. Health and Safety

7. Field Course and/or Field Work




Working Conditions