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Architecture Librarian

Date: September 10, 2014
Reports to (Job Title): Head, Information Services & Resources, Dana Porter
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Library Associate, Information Services & Resources; Library Associate, Service Desk & Collection Maintenance
Location: Musagetes Architecture Library, Cambridge

USG 8-13

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Architecture Librarian, as the Librarian for the School of Architecture, is responsible for the development, delivery, and assessment of the information services & resources required for the research, teaching and learning of the School of Architecture. The Architecture Librarian is accountable for the development and ongoing management of the Musagetes Architecture Library as related to its facilities and services. The Architecture Librarian will also take on a specialization.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  As the manager of the Musagetes Architecture Library, the incumbent:


2.  As the Librarian liaising with the School of Architecture, and as related to areas of expertise, the incumbent:


3.  As an Information Specialist who has a specialized area of responsibility or expertise, the incumbent:

Position Requirements


ALA-accredited MLS/MLIS degree, or equivalent.


Experience & Technical:      






Special requirements or conditions:


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Geospatial Information Services (GIS) software – basic; Data visualization software(s) – basic

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with employees in all groups and departments throughout the University community and at all levels to gather ideas, envision, articulate, update and inform on projects s/he is leading or otherwise accountable for.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for the overall results of the Musagetes Architecture Library and the development and maintenance of high quality user-focused services & information resources at the branch. The position is fully accountable for assigned School acquisitions funds and is accountable for the proper oversight of the operational budget provided by the School.

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for establishing the priorities for the Branch and addressing the changes to operating plans by consulting with the Department Head, Information Services & Resources (Dana Porter) and Library Managers and Supervisors as appropriate. Responsible and accountable for the development, delivery, and assessment of instructional services and collection decisions as related to Branch collections and project leadership.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a management position.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a management position exposed to stress and pressure associated with those responsibilities. Somewhat limited flexibility in work schedule due to staffing numbers and opening hour requirements.