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Manager, Academic Advising

Date: October, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Dean of Science, Undergraduate Studies
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Administrator Co-ordinator & 2 Undergraduate Services Coordinators

Academic Advisor Science & Business, Recruitment Coordinator
Department: Dean of Science Office


Earth Sciences & Chemistry


USG 12
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose


To provide direction and implementation of academic support services for Faculty of Science students and lead academic advisement for Science learners (on-campus and online), to provide consultation and support for areas of policy and practice in the Faculty of Science regarding undergraduate curricular change and student engagement, and to liaise with undergraduate student advisors and other university staff in support of Science learners, academic requirements and resource specifications.

Key Accountabilities:


Academic Services

  • Provides oversight and serves as a resource to provide continuity for Faculty/Department/School-based academic supports for all domestic and international students.
  • Develops and implements academic services for first year Science students, upper year non-major students, non- and post-degree Science students, and on-line Science students, including mature students who study General Science exclusively via on-line learning.
  • Maintains in-depth and current knowledge of undergraduate curricula and academic requirements for all Science undergraduate programs.
  • Establishes and maintains appropriate contact and communication with offices and units within the Faculty of Science and across the institution with respect to support services for undergraduate Science students.
  • Coordinates final exam scheduling.
  • Consults with Science Student Success Officer regarding student engagement and success.


Science Undergraduate Office Staff Supervision

  • Hires, trains and supervises three full-time USG 7/8 staff in the Science Undergraduate Office: Administrative Coordinator and two Undergraduate Services Coordinators.
  • Manages Science Undergraduate Office Co-op students.


Student Advising

  • Provides direction and advice to students regarding their individual course and program/plan selections during the academic cycle (class enrolments, plan modifications).
  • Reviews, confirms and adjusts, as necessary, the academic standings for 1A Science students as well as all years of Honours Science students; connects with students individually, when appropriate.
  • Liaises with departments (internal and external to Science) for class scheduling problems such as reserved capacities, conflicts and space issues.
  • Meets with departmental/program advisors to aid in academic progression decisions, based on Faculty rules and regulations, and ensures that standings rules are working correctly.
  • Handles petitions (as part of the Science Petitions Committee), letters of permission and medical documentation. Consults with Undergraduate Officers in Science departments to maintain consistency in application and compliance with university policies and procedures.
  • Advises students on academic options after each academic progression cycle, as required.
  • Determines, on an individual basis, if exceptions can be made for students to continue in their course of studies.
  • Conducts degree “check lists” and reviews of academic advisement audits for students in Honours Science nearing graduation.  Advises students on degree requirements and strategy for completion of requirements.
  • Provides oversight and management of the scheduling of final exams for the Faculty of Science including coordination between the Registrar’s Office and departments as required for problem solving.
  • Coordinates the Plan Modification process for students internal to Science, including students wanting to move to Co-op or change their programs/plans.
  • Manages transfers of students from other Faculties into Science, including student advising, course selection approvals and course transfers credit assessments.
  • Assists Science students transferring out of Science programs.
  • Makes decisions regarding convocation and degree requirement completion for students in Honours Science and assists Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies regarding General Science student requirements.
  • Adds, deletes and maintains Academic Advice Service Indicators for readmitted students, non-degree students hoping to transfer out of Science and/or students in academic jeopardy;  responsible for approving and data entry of course selection for these students.
  • Provides assistance to students in the preparation of petitions.
  • Provides assistance to students with Letter of Permission requests including their process and final approval.
  • Coordinates and contributes to the building of Course Blocks for enrolling of all 1A Science students, including consideration of sufficient space for all students.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, accuracy and updating of the Academic Progression rules for the Faculty of Science.
  • Provides signing authority of petitions involving late drop/add and request for third attempt courses.
  • Works with the Director of Admissions, Professional Relations, and Undergraduate Studies for the School of Pharmacy, for the Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) program.



  • Provides admissions advice to Non-OSS (domestic) students, mature students and online students on procedures and requirements for admission, as required.
  • Represents the Faculty of Science at the Science Teachers Association of Ontario conference, March Break Open House, Student Life 101 Days, Ontario Universities’ Fair and UW Day, to provide program/plan information and admission requirements and recruitment support.
  • Makes re-admission decisions for students previously “Required to Withdraw”, including course selection approvals, course selection QUEST entries, Academic Advice Service Indicator additions and removals, students tracking, academic progression decision making and average clearing.


Publications and Documents

  • Supervises the Administrative Coordinator, who prepares revisions to the Science chapter of the undergraduate calendar, program/plan/course reports to Senate Undergraduate Council and Academic Advisement Templates.
  • Responsible for review and compilation of material to update Faculty publications and documents related to undergraduate studies in Science, including the Science Enrolment Guide and the University First Year Course Guide.



  • Contributes and votes on matters considered by the Science Petitions Committee (which vets all Science student petitions), the Science Undergraduate Studies Committee (which vets undergraduate curricular plans, rules and regulations) and the First Year Instructors group (which provides advisement in regard to first year course transitional issues).

  • Chairs the weekly Science Undergraduate Office M3 meetings (which discusses current student issues and share information about special projects and time sensitive activities).


Special Projects

  • Serves as a Science Faculty representative at university meetings dealing with policies and procedures and implementation of new systems related to undergraduate student service (e.g., Student Information System Project, SISP).
  • Acts as SISP/QUEST liaison between project team and science advisors for all aspects of the system.
  • Creates QECO letters regarding courses beyond the requirements for BSc degrees.
  • Interacts with Student Awards regarding confirmation of and conditions for transfer upon completion of non-degree terms and determination of why students need more than 11 terms to complete their degree.

Position Requirements


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree.


5-10 years of undergraduate academic advising and familiarity with university rules and regulations.  Competencies include strategic thinking, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Proficient Proficient Not necessary Interglobal Software; Waterloo Inquiry; QUEST; SA Catalog

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Level of Responsibility:

Decision-Making Authority:

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Working Environment: