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Head of Wardrobe and Costume Designer

Department: Drama and Speech Communication Effective Date: September, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

The Head of Wardrobe and Costume Designer is a significant creative position dedicated to the Drama program, and is responsible for the design and execution of all costumes for department-mounted productions, and for the management of wardrobe facilities and wardrobe-related equipment.

Reporting to the Chair, the position is also accountable to the faculty member assigned as the Head of Production, and to the Director of each department production. The Head of Wardrobe and Costume Designer oversees student crew members working in the wardrobe area.

On occasion, a faculty member with design expertise or a guest artist may be the designated costume designer for a particular production.

Nature and Scope

The position encompasses two related functions: Costume Designer and Head of Wardrobe for department productions, and fulfills both functions for three to four department-mounted theatre productions each year.

As Costume Designer, the position is responsible for the concept and design of all aspects of costumes for particular productions, and for the separate functions of the Head of Wardrobe.

The position requires significant oversight of student work in the wardrobe area, particularly for students assigned to the area as part of the requirements for DRAMA 243/244 and for senior students assigned to the wardrobe area as Head of Wardrobe & Make-up (DRAMA 306/406 & 307/407).

Budgeting responsibilities for this position include each of the department productions (typically $500 - $2 000), equipment and materials purchase and maintenance costs, costume loans, and student payroll for work/study students hired on an occasional basis. The wardrobe houses specialized costume construction equipment, an extensive stock of period costumes and fabrics and materials for construction and alteration.

Statistical Data

Number of drama productions each year: 3 – 4
Audience size: 2,500 – 3,000 per production
Wardrobe budgets per production (materials only): $500 - $2,000
Actors to be costumed: 1–30 per production; costumes per character 1–6
Students assigned to crew positions for each production: 12
Costumes in inventory: est. 5,000 items
Replacement value: est. $50,000

Specific Accountabilities

As Costume Designer, the position is accountable for the design, fitting, rental or purchase, production, and care of all costume items, which vary widely among productions:

As Head of Wardrobe:

Significant  Internal  Contacts

Significant External Contacts


Working Conditions

Note: Leave of absence during the summer months for the purposes of professional practice may be negotiated with the department.