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Programs Administrator/Associate Chair undergradute Geography, Geomatics and Geography and Aviation/Adjunct Associate Professor

Department: Department of Geography Effective Date: November, 2006

USG 12

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Department Chair

General Accountability

This position is primarily responsible to teach designated core competency courses required of students obtaining a Bachelor of Environmental Studies Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography.  Additional duties include the administrarion of the undergraduate programs in Geography, Geomatics and Aviation.  Programs administration includes day to day oversight of program operations, monitoring and coordination of student progress through the curriculum, resource and liaison to faculty members and students.  In both capacities, this position represents and is accountable to the Chair of the Department.

Nature and Scope

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Most of the time is spent indoors in office and classroom locations.  Frequent walking to and from office, classrooms and lab locations in multiple buildings.  Frequent need to give close attention to written material (e.g. reports, project work, class instruction material, research reading, etc.) and verbal communication with students, faulty peers and superiors.  Course deadlines present continual demand for tight timelines of accountability, all the while providing thoroughness and accuracy in performance of duties.  Field teaching exercises can involve extensive travel (international) special license class for transporting university students and field setting with demanding and arduous conditions (e.g. extreme cold, heights, rocky terrain, wildlife including rattlesnakes and bears etc.)