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Department: Plant Operations      Effective Date: April, 2011
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Work Request Supervisor

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Manager of Client Services in the Department of Plant Operations. The incumbent is required to perform many tasks associated with the operation of the Plant Operations’ Storeroom

Nature and Scope

The Storekeeper is responsible for the operation of the Plant Operations’ Storeroom, performing many concurrent tasks primarily in support of the six Maintenance Sections in this department. Included in the duties are a number of tasks that will cause interruptions to the normal flow of work. The incumbent must be able to accept these interruptions and continue to perform this job.

It will be the storekeeper’s responsibility to maintain an inventory of vendors and suppliers that meet our service needs. All materials and equipment are ordered from outside suppliers for the maintenance work force. The items are to be received and accounted for. Any missing items should be reported to the supplier. This process requires careful auditing of materials and frequent communication between suppliers and internal personnel. The delivered items are to be distributed to the appropriate work force. In conformity with specifications and established clerical procedures, hardware and safety supplies are also to be ordered and stocked for distribution to personnel. Material management requires careful consideration of quality with the right service at the right price.  The incumbent must be knowledgeable about the use of all the equipment in stock.

Microsoft Access data base will be used to track inventory and manage material flow. The storekeeper must be very comfortable with computer software and Excel spreadsheets. The incumbent will help the supervisors utilize the data base. Transactions can be initiated and processed through the storekeeper for blanket, systems contract and purchase orders. The storekeeper manages these orders and verifies their accuracy. The individual will be a source for information gathering from the system as he/she will know the data base best. The system will also provide a way to tie materials purchased with the work request system. The storekeeper will be able to match purchases with work requests to extract charge out information for the work request charge out procedure.

These processes require a large amount of paper flow making it necessary to be very organized and attentive to detail. Neatly filling out forms that are passed between personnel and suppliers is critical in minimizing mistakes. Due to the type of items that are received and stocked, there is a great deal of lifting and carrying.  The storekeeper must be in good physical health and be able to handle reasonable loads.

The storekeeper is also responsible for the operation of different communication systems for the purpose of receiving, transmitting, and relaying verbal messages. Messages are transmitted on demand through the use of counter service, telephone, radio and paging devices.

Plant Operations’ personnel and materials must be transported to and from job sites in a timely, efficient manner. The storekeeper is to co-ordinate transportation services, dispatching personnel vehicles for pick-up and delivery and signing out stand-by vehicles. The nature of this task results in many conflicts. This person must be able to resolve conflicts without compromising rapport with personnel.

Maintenance personnel require keys, tools and equipment for daily work assignments. Distribution of these items is done from the storeroom. All items issued must be accounted for when returned. This is a challenge when the bulk of transactions occur early in the morning as the workers are starting and at the end of the afternoon when the workers are shutting down.

To maintain the consistency and efficiency of the Storeroom operation, the incumbent is required to interface with personnel in Plant Operations, other departments on campus and outside suppliers. Establishing and maintaining good client service relationships is an important component of this job. 

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions