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Associate Director, Field Services

Department: Co-operative Education & Career Action Effective Date: April 2003
Grade: USG 14 Reports to: Executive Director

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Executive Director, Co-operative Education & Career Services. The incumbent is responsible for:

 •             overall management of the Field Services unit in the department

•             the staffing and allocation of services within the Field Services unit

•             development of marketing strategies for co-operative education & career services programs

•             monitoring and maintaining customer satisfaction

•             working with the Executive Director and other senior managers to provide leadership, direction and strategic planning for the department

•             monitoring and developing strong relationships with business leaders and organizations

Nature and Scope

This position is one three senior managers, plus the Executive Director, the Director, Career Services, and the Communications & Public Relations Administrator which make up the executive management team in the department.  The other two management units are Student Services and Systems and Employer Services.  The CECS department is funded, in theory, by student fees.  

The Field Services unit is responsible for external employment activities connected to Co-operative Education & Career Services. This entails responsibility for a group of field co-ordinators whose primary responsibilities are to find suitable jobs for students enrolled in the co-operative education programs and to visit or contact students at least once during the work term. The field co-ordinators are normally grouped in regional teams.  Each team normally consists of at least one faculty program specialist.  The teams will be lead by a team leader with responsibilities to co-ordinate job development, student visits and to maximize the resources of the team. The Field Services incumbent will be responsible in conjunction with the Team Leaders for performance evaluations of the field co-ordinators.  The co-ordinators work out of their home but are on campus two or three times a term for specific duties.

 The Field Services incumbent will be responsible for developing and maintaining adequate and appropriate employment opportunities for both co-op and regular students.  This will involve ongoing liaison and development of partnerships with all levels of employers across Canada.   The incumbent needs to be aware of major economic trends in the country and familiar with changing economic cycles in order to develop appropriate employment strategies.  The position involves the active cultivation of ongoing partnerships with all levels of employers across Canada.

 The individual will also be responsible for the employment opportunities for regular students particularly graduating students and alumni.  This involves constant liaison and communication with federal and provincial agencies engaged in job training programs.

 The incumbent will be responsible for co-ordinating the overall marketing activities for Co-operative Education & Career Services including the chairing of a marketing committee.   The person will work will employers, students and alumni groups to ensure their input and concerns are being addressed and that they are involved in the decision making process as is feasible.  The Marketing Co-ordinator reports to this person.

Statistical Data

Co-operative Education & Career Services (CECS), on behalf of the University of Waterloo, administers the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program, with over 11,300 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled across three terms annually in more than 100 co-op areas of study. Approximately 100 staff with various integral roles, function as a liaison to forge partnerships among students, employers, and the faculties and departments at the University to facilitate employment possibilities. 42 of the 100 CECS staff are field co-ordinators who develop co-op jobs from their off-campus offices in various locations across Canada, including the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Each term, CECS arranges for nearly 3,500 organizations to conduct approximately 15,000 interviews of co-op students during specified interview periods on campus each term. Co-op students work mainly in Canada, although in any given year, around 800 have work terms in approximately 40 countries outside of Canada.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions