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Acquisitions Manager

Date: January 8, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Head, Collection Development
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Acquisitions Associates

Acquisitions Assistant, Invoicing & Ledgers Maintenance
Department: Library


Main Campus - Dana Porter Library


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Acquisitions Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of the processes and workflows related to the Library’s acquisition of print and electronic information resources. The incumbent manages the daily functions of the acquisitions budget and ensures the maintenance of critical budget documentation, and fiscal year-end closing and rollover, as well as the escalation of vendor issues. The Acquisitions Manager works closely with Liaison Librarians, Department Heads, the Associate University Librarian, Information Resources & Academic Excellence (AUL, IR&AE), as well as vendors, to facilitate fiscally responsible acquisitions through understanding of licensing and purchasing options, vendor discount advocacy, vendor performance analysis, and workflow enhancements.

Key Accountabilities:


As a member of the Collection Development Department, the Acquisitions Manger acts as an effective, collaborative, supportive team leader by:

  • Working closely with members of the Department, the Library Assistant in Information Services and Resources (ISR) as well as the Cataloguing Department Receipt Unit
  • Articulating sourcing strategies for the acquisitions/renewals of materials, including recommendations regarding vendors, and associated workflows to help the Library achieve fiscal efficiencies and streamlined processes
  • Communicating effectively with publishers/vendors to enhance relationship, negotiate purchasing options, advocating for discounts and ongoing price reductions, and troubleshoot, at times very complex, issues
  • Developing, recommending, and implementing improvements to area workflows, as appropriate
  • Documenting high-level workflows and providing training to Library staff as related to areas of expertise
  • Participating in Departmental reviews and lead working groups, as appropriate
  • Participating in library-wide projects as required by areas of responsibility, expertise, or interest
  • Actively participating in the Information Resources Management Committee



As the position accountable for daily management of the Library’s Acquisitions Budget (over $8.5M):

  • Oversees the budget maintenance processes, including accurate ledgers and funds transfers, by ensuring:
    • that ledger maintenance and fund transfers associated with orders are completed
    • that ledger transfer documentation, which is critical to the budget roll-over process, is maintained
  • Plans for the allocation of funds to ledgers, in close collaboration with the Head, Collection Development, and recommends ledger structure improvements
  • Maintains a collaborative relationship with the University’s Finance department and provides oversight for general ledger and acquisitions budget maintenance
  • Creates and deletes, as required, ledgers and reporting funds. Works closely with the Library Reporting and Assessment Analyst to ensure a consistent, appropriate fund/ledger structure for data quality and historical accuracy
  • Coordinates timely, accurate, budget rollover and closing of the fiscal year, including:
    • Managing the acquisitions budget updates to reflect one-time and permanent simple/complex transfers, including updates from the monograph orders area
    • Inputting the new budget information and ensures appropriate notation of substantive changes
    • Ensuring completion of fiscal closing processes in the monograph orders area
    • Ensuring reconciliation of budget information and live system information, in close collaboration with the Head, Collection Development
    • Researching and addressing budget inconsistencies with Liaison Librarians, including the compilation of historical change reports


As the Acquisitions Manager, the incumbent proactively oversees and administers processes related to the order, renewal, and cancelation of information resources, including print and electronic serials, open monograph series and standing orders, databases, monographs, and data products by:

  • Overseeing the creation and updating of the Acquisitions records as appropriate
  • Planning for, and participating in, the monitoring of pricing of existing subscriptions and notifying appropriately about significant changes for their review
  • Ensuring split payments are agreed to by all parties, and noted
  • Coordinating the completion renewals and cancellations in a timely manner, including the proactive consultation with Liaison Librarians in regards to large aggregator vendor renewals
  • Verifying invoice information is correct (e.g. cost and coverage), and ensuring invoices are processed with appropriate level of approval
  • Ensuring proactive, ongoing communication of changes to ongoing subscriptions and commitments
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the Integrated Library System (ILS) vendor file, including providing Finance, with vendor additions/corrections/deletions to ensure the successful Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of the Library financial information
    • Verifying quality of the records produced by unit staff
    • Communicating systems-related problems to the Digital Initiatives Department
  • Participating in systems testing as required


As a critical vendor contact, maintains strong vendor relationships by:

  • Providing oversight for firm, approvals, and serials vendor accounts
  • Ensuring invoicing and entitlement issues are resolved quickly and constructively
  • Participating in vendor visits as appropriate
  • Coordinating vendor training for library staff as related to areas of responsibility

As a supervisor:

  • Makes decisions on the hiring of his/her direct report(s), in consultation with the Head, Collection Development
  • Coaches, trains and develops employee(s) to assure growth and development of that(those) individual(s)
  • Conducts regular performance reviews with direct report(s), and ensures adherence to annual Performance Planning process


In conjunction with the eResources Access Manager, provides critical support to the Head, Collection Development:

  • Reviewing licenses for electronic journals and eBooks, with a particular focus on
  • Handling significant vendor relations with the primary book and journal aggregator vendors
  • Handling complex troubleshooting issues
  • Acting as a key resource person within the Collection Development department

Position Requirements


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in education/experience.





MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
word excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with Library staff to present/describe/analyze information and to obtain decision/action on issues. Externally, communicates with vendors to present/describe information, obtain action on issues, establish relationships, place orders, advocate for discounts and credits, ensure order completion and appropriate access is established.

Level of Responsibility:

Responsible for ensuring the timely, effective management of acquisition processes, budgets, and accounts payable, including the day-to-day ledger transfers, invoice approval/processing, and budget rollover and the fiscal closing process and related documentation. Responsible and accountable for the overall results of the acquisition and renewals of information resources. Works closely with other staff to develop and act on recommendations and implement decisions.

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible for triggering review of vendor files and acquisitions processes. Responsible for application of collection principles to advise on acquisitions decisions. Responsible for addressing vendor performance issues, troubleshooting orders and invoice issues, and deciding when to seek price reductions/discounts and to investigate price increases. Responsible for identifying changes required to the ledgers and budget maintenance protocols. Responsible for problem-solving issues in area. Works with department head and others to solve more complex problems.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal physical requirements. Exposure to conditions typical of a supervisory position in a fast-paced office environment, with frequent urgent demands.

Working Environment:

Exposure to conditions associated with urgent, time-sensitive activities and troubleshooting.