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Payroll/Office Assistant

Department: Plant Operations Effective Date: November 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Administrative Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Manager, Administrative Services, Plant Operations, for accurately processing time card information, providing back-up for the Payroll Administrator and performing administrative record keeping and clerical tasks.

Nature and Scope

This position is one of seven (7) reporting to the Manager, Administrative Services.  The others are the Administrative Services Assistant, Payroll Administrator, Materials Records Clerk, Customer Service Administrator and 2 Maintenance Records Assistants.


The Administrative Systems section of Plant Operations is responsible for the management and support of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the department’s biweekly payroll system, material/payable activities, administrative applications and records management.  Information from the CMMS is used to analyze and track the university’s physical assets, ensure the assets are maintained properly and efficiently while minimizing associated costs.  Data is also used for planning, budgeting and cost recovery purposes. 


It is this section’s responsibility to provide technical data and prepare reports to enhance the effective operation of the department and ensure records are maintained consistently within all areas of the department.  The incumbent requires a thorough knowledge of the department’s functions and obligations as Plant Operations interacts with virtually every area on campus.    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential.  The individual must be able to work with technical and administrative personnel in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner that is supportive of Plant Operations’ objectives. Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and data base applications enables the incumbent to provide support services effectively and efficiently.

Statistical Data

Plant Operations is the largest support department on campus with a staff of approximately 400 and an annual budget of $32,000,000.  The general office group is responsible for the annual administration of 50,000 time cards, a payroll of $16,000,000  for approximately 350 hourly paid employees, 20,000 work orders, 1,700 work requests, material payments in excess of $3,200,000 and utilities payments of $15,000,000

Specific Accountabilities

a)  Daily Timecard Entry.




b)  Provides back-up to the Payroll Administrator. 



3)  Provides back-up for the Material Records/Print Room Functions




d)  Provides uniforms for Plant Operations’ staff. 


Working Conditions