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Administrative Assistant


Department of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Effective Date:

May, 2007



Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

The Administrative Assistant is directly accountable to the Chair of Systems Design Engineering for ensuring the efficient operation of all administrative and financial support functions for the teaching and research activities of the Department. 

Nature and Scope

The Chairman, Associate Chairs, Administrative Assistant and Laboratory Director provide operational management of the Department of Systems Design Engineering.  The Administrative Assistant will coordinate and advise on the administration of all aspects of the non-academic operation of the Department.  Responsible for department resources such as administrative staff, space, telephones, furnishings, repairs and renovations.  Responsible for handling the day-to-day management of the department’s Operating Budget (which includes a variety of Starter Grants, Dean’s Graduate Student Awards and other special funds) as well as monitoring the faculty members’ research accounts. Expected to be familiar with University Policies and Procedures and act as resource person to the Chair, faculty, staff and students.

Statistical Data

The Department of Systems Design Engineering is one of seven departments and schools in the Faculty of Engineering.  We currently have 27 regular faculty positions, 1 research faculty member, 7 cross appointed faculty members and 38 adjunct faculty members. In addition the department usually has approximately 8 Visiting Scholars, Post Doctoral Fellows or Visiting Professors at any given time. There are ten support staff positions, approximately 100 Graduate Students and 340 Undergraduate Students. The Department of Systems Design Engineering has a world-class reputation and graduates from the program are in high demand by industry, government and educational institutions.


The Operating Budget (and various funds that operate within it) is now in excess of $3,800,000.  Our researchers currently generate approximately $2,000,000 in research funding.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions