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Manager, Maintenance and Security Services

Date: February, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Assistance Director, Residence Facilities
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Supervisor, Maintenance and Security
Department: Housing & Residences


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Manager, Maintenance and Security Services is accountable to the Assistance Director, Residence Facilities for strategically leading and coaching the Maintenance and Security Services team in Housing, and is responsible for building relationships and setting standards to effectively manage staff, service providers, processes, and activities involved in the provision well maintained and secure residence facilities at all university owned student residence facilities under the umbrella of the Department of Housing and Residences.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Leadership – Responsible for providing excellent leadership to the staff in Maintenance and Security



2.  Human Resource Management – Overall managerial responsibilities for Maintenance and Security Services’ human resources



3.  Fiscal Management – Overall managerial responsibility for Maintenance and Security’s financial resources




4.  Operations Management: Maintenance – Accountable for planning and developing strategies and systems to effectively manage Maintenance programs to provide well maintained and secure residential communities that are conducive to student learning and engagement    




5.  Operations Management: Security - Accountable for planning and developing strategies to ensure Residence Facilities security standards are achieved



6.  Project Management – Accountable for overall management of multiple regular and special projects within Maintenance and Security Services and for the wider Residence Facilities team’s work


Organize the work of others and self to conduct research, compile statistics, develop reports and communicate results.






7.  Measurement and Evaluation – Overall responsibility for establishing a consistent monitoring process and reviewing Maintenance and Security Services Key Performance Indicators and all other measures of performance of the Maintenance and Security Services Unit


Set targets and provide oversight of measures to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement goals are achieved.

Position Requirements




MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
word excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally this position:


Externally, this position

Level of Responsibility:

This position is responsible and accountable for the overall coordination of well-maintained and secure residence facilities, including surrounding grounds.  This includes the effective management of all related internal and external resources (human and physical) and process in order to fulfill these service requirements.


This position provides overall leadership and strategic direction to the Maintenance and Safety Team (Supervisor and Coordinators) in the Department of Housing and Residences. This position provides supervision and coaching to influence their actions. This position provides co-worker support to colleague managers on the Residence Facilities Management Team within the Department of Housing and Residences and works closely with Plant Operations to ensure timely follow up.

Decision-Making Authority:

This position has decision making authority related to the provision of well-maintained and secure residence facilities including surrounding grounds as it relates to strategic management of people, operations and initial emergency response.  These types of decisions include:  staffing decisions (recruiting, performance, development, and discipline), service standards, compliance standards, procedures and emergency response, workload/priority management and budget management.


This position is expected to make recommendations to the Assistance Director, Residence Facilities about improved service opportunities that will positively impact the overall Residence Facilities policies and processes.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This managerial role in an office setting involves physical demands and moderate sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain, or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role is exposed to stress and pressure with supervisory positions that are responsible for managing and are accountable for full-time employees.  The role involves minimal-moderate exposure to psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable, or uncomfortable environmental conditions.  There may be unusual hours or schedules, multiple and /or tight deadlines beyond one’s control and constant interruptions  (i.e. phone calls, emails and unplanned but urgent service requests) that are impacted by varying student volumes at different times of year resulting from working within a student residential environment.