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Executive Officer, Faculty of Science

Department: Dean of Science Office Effective Date: July, 2006
Grade: USG 15 Reports to: Dean of Science

General Accountability

The Executive Officer for the Faculty is accountable to the Dean of Science for oversight and management of the administrative operations of the Faculty. This is the senior staff position for administration in the Faculty and areas of responsibility include finance, human resources, facilities and space, student services, development and alumni services, communications, marketing and recruitment and other general administration functions in accordance with UW policies and procedures required to meet the teaching and research goals of the Faculty.


In addition to responsibility for overall effectiveness in providing administrative support to academic units (departments of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and the schools of Optometry and Pharmacy), the Executive Officer works with the Dean on various special projects and activities (DE, STS, EP3, WIHIR, IQC)

Nature and Scope

Academic leadership for the Faculty of Science is provided by the Dean in conjunction with heads of the academic units (the Schools of Optometry and Pharmacy, and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics). Administration of the Faculty is directed by Dean of Science with the assistance of four Associate Deans (Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Research, and Computing) and three Directors (Science and Business, IBMB, and International Programs).


Undergraduate programs in the faculty offer flexibility with the majority of students entering Honours Science and Life Science programs. Programs in the Physical Science and specialized programs in Science and Business, Biotechnology/CA, Biotechnology/Economics and Science and Aviation provide a full spectrum of opportunities for undergraduate students. Science is a partner with the Faculty of Engineering in providing a program in nanotechnology.


Graduate studies programs in the faculty are primarily research based and attract a large number of students with externally funded awards in addition to support provided by research awards. The Faculty of Science is a research intensive faculty with a record of strong research activity and funding. Congruent with this is the relatively large number of research institutes and groups within the Faculty and the related complexity affiliated with their staffing and funding. The Faculty has a high proportion of individuals on quasi faculty appointments as PDFs, Research Associates etc. Research activity associated with the faculty includes discrete research institutes such as IQC (Institute for Quantum Computing), WIHIR (Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research), CCLR (Centre for Contact Lens Research) and several others.



The Dean of Science Office is comprised of the following staff positions:



Positions that report directly to incumbent:


Positions where direction is provided as Dean’s designate:

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