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Geotechnical Engineering Technologist

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering Effective Date: October 8, 2009
Grade: USG 7/8 Reports to: Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

General Accountability

The Geotechnical Engineering Technologist is under the supervision of the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  The technologist is expected to carry-out tasks and assignments independently, and in a team environment.  This position provides technical support for undergraduate, graduate and faculty instruction, and research related activities.

Nature and Scope

The Geotechnical Engineering Technologist’s main responsibilities are to:

Statistical Data

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is currently comprised of 38 faculty, 8 administrative staff, 6 technical staff, 12 research staff, 800 undergraduates, and 260 graduate students.


The Geotechnical Engineering Technologist provides technical support specifically to the Geotechnical area and global support within the department. 

Specific Accountabilities

Undergraduate Laboratories


Supervise Graduate and Undergraduate Students:


Laboratory Equipment and Testing Procedures:


General Laboratory Maintenance:


Public Relations:


Equipment Inventory (E2 & E3 Labs):


Working Conditions

The job involves working in both indoor and outdoor environments.  The work within the laboratory setting involves reading, writing, working at computer workstations and operating advanced testing equipment.  Some tasks may be physically challenging requiring reasonable strength and endurance; use of hand and power tools; lifting of heavy materials/equipment; extended non-regular work hours.  The outdoor work involves exposure to outdoor elements year round.  The workplace environment may sometimes be off-site at a remote research location where standards and practices may be undefined.  The technologist must use best judgement in establishing safe, responsible working practices for all of the participants at external workplace environments.  There is some occasional use of a personal or department vehicle.