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Director, Centre for Cultural Management

Department: Co-op and Arts Special Programs Effective Date: May 26th, 2006
Grade: USG 15 Reports to: Associate Dean, Co-op and Arts Special Programs

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Associate Dean, Co-op and Arts Special Programs, for three areas of activity:  oversight and direction of all aspects of the Cultural Management Specialization within Honours Arts and Business Co-op; initiation, oversight and direction of all activities for the Centre for Cultural Management; and fundraising, in cooperation with the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs to initiate and conduct major national projects involving cultural management and leadership and to provide core funding for the Centre.

Nature and Scope

The Centre for Cultural Management (CCM) is housed within the Faculty of Arts and falls under the purview of the Associate Dean, Co-op Arts Special Programs.  The position was created in 1989 and continues to evolve in nature and scope, although specific responsibilities related to fundraising and the Cultural Management Specialization are clearly defined.  The scope of the position as it relates to the primary goal of strengthening cultural management and governance in Canada is virtually boundless, but has already gained some defined proportions.

The Director deals with significant challenges as a result of having to manage the internal aspect of the Centre’s activities, while at the same time maintaining broad external links with the cultural community across Canada. As a result, the Director is required to be off-campus for a considerable amount of time in order to fulfill his obligations to the Association of Cultural Executives (Centre Liaison), the Association of Arts Administration Educators (Board Member and 2006 Conference Co-Chair), the Canadian Association of Arts Administration Educators (Treasurer and President-Elect), the Municipal Cultural Planning Partnership (Chair), Cultural Human Resources Council (Cultural Management Steering Committee Member) and the City of Waterloo’s Cultural Development Committee (Chair).

In addition to maintaining a balance between internal and external responsibilities, the Director also experiences significant challenges as a result of having to not only execute the programs and projects of the Centre for Cultural Management, but also generate (through earned and contributed revenue) sufficient revenue to maintain the Centre as a viable entity. This includes covering the compensation costs related to all Centre staff. The need to generate income has resulted in the Centre developing a partnership with the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University to offer a Masters Certificate in Project Management.

Reporting directly to the Incumbent are the following five groups:

Statistical Data

Budgetary Responsibility for:

The director has been responsible for securing and/or managing funding totalling $6 million from a wide variety of private- and public-sector donors

Specific Accountabilities

Significant Internal Contacts

Significant External Contacts

Working Conditions