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Executive Officer

Date: July 31, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Executive Assistant; Assistant to the Dean; Faculty Financial Officer; Director Information Technology; MAREP Associate Director Research; Graduate Studies Coordinator; Manager, Web & Digital Communications; Manager Marketing & Communications

Department: Faculty of Applied Health Sciences


Main Campus


USG 14
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Executive Officer (EO) provides strategic advice and support to the Dean and senior administration of the Faculty.  This position also provides leadership and support on special projects and strategic initiatives, and serves as an advisor to senior administration on confidential and non-routine matters.  The EO is responsible for financial oversight of the Faculty, management of the human resources activities, managing the IT function, directing activities related to facilities and space, and management and oversight of other administrative functions required to support the teaching and research missions of the Faculty.  As the senior administrative staff position in the Faculty, The EO provides continuity as academic leadership changes.

Key Accountabilities:


Strategic planning, oversight and support, including but not limited to:

  • Leading units/departments to develop operation plans to support Faculty strategic objectives;
  • Providing strategic input on faculty and staff hiring and affordability of Faculty strategic plans; including the monitoring of contingent on funding positions (approximately 50% of regular staff positions)
  • Contributing to the development of long-range strategies and operations plans for the Faculty and research centres that report directly to the Dean (e.g. Propel, MAREP, CIW)
  • Tracking and reporting progress on strategic initiatives
  • Providing the Dean, and senior administrators (Chairs, Director, Associate Deans, Research Directors) with confidential and strategic advice, information and data to support decision making
  • Coordinating the financial, human resources, space and information technology require to support strategic and operation plans for the Faculty.


Human Resources oversight, including but not limited to:

  • Managing the organizational structures, job duties, job evaluations, reclassification requests and compensation levels of all staff members within the Faculty; ensuring that staffing structures match strategic needs including prioritization of tasks, strategic workforce planning and transition planning are taken into account.
  • Working with supervisors to design creative solutions for filling staff vacancies to accommodate temporary absences, reductions or shifting priorities.
  • Managing the annual staff performance review process; training new supervisors and provide mechanisms to ensure consistency of application of performance ratings
  • Working with supervisors to provide systems and processes for recruitment, evaluation, promotion, professional development and retention of staff; serving as a mentor/coach and guide to supervisors to ensure that successful operation of the departments, units and research centres.
  • Provides oversight, counsel and acts as a key liaison with Human Resources in escalated human resource issues related to faculty and staff
  • Ensuring adherence to University policies in all human resources operations and activities
  • Assisting the Dean and senior academic administrators with the recruitment, evaluation, promotion and retention of faculty; serve as policy advisor for difficult or unusual cases
  • Reviewing all position descriptions and provide advice on compensation
  • Ensuring processes are in place for recruitment, evaluation and pay of temporary employees and co-op students.


Financial oversight, including but not limited to:

  • Overseeing the development of the Faculty’s annual operating budget
  • Ensuring funds are available to support the Faculty’s operations
  • Ensuring that all operating, endowment and research accounts are soundly managed
  • Reviewing the Faculty’s financial positon with the Dean on a regular basis
  • Working with Internal Audit to assess and improve financial controls within the Faculty
  • Providing financial input on the Faculty’s strategic plan and allocation of resources
  • Woking closely with the Faculty Financial Officer to develop, improve and promote strong internal financial controls in academic departments, support units and research centres (e.g. MAREP, CIW, Propel), ensuring that funds are available to support operations and that University policies and procedures are followed.


Administrative leadership, including but not limited to:

  • Developing, designing and improving administrative systems to support the effective management of the Faculty
  • Serving as a resource within the Faculty for the interpretation and application of UW and Faculty policies, guidelines and practices
  • Providing advice and support to Associate Deans, Chairs, Research Directors and their support staff on their operations
  • Ensuring effective and efficient operations of the Faculty’s various committees; serving as a resource as required
  • Ensuring appropriate communication of administrative information to faculty members and staff
  • Representing the Faculty on University-wide committees (e.g. Space, Rankings, Financial review) as required.


Facilities and IT management, including but not limited to;

  • In consultation with the Dean ensure space planning and utilization processes are in place; provide University-wide perspective and recommendations; negotiate agreements among units
  • Working with architects and contractors to ensure space will meet Faculty strategic priorities
  • Ensuring the efficient and equitable use of facilities and equipment
  • Overseeing maintenance, repairs, renovation and new construction
  • Authorizing the purchase and allocation of equipment, furnishings etc.
  • Ensuring appropriate safety and security is maintained within the buildings
  • Working with the Director IT to ensure strategic planning, provisioning and management of the information technology and multi-media activities in AHS are maintained to  support students, faculty, staff and researchers.

Position Requirements


University degree preferably in a discipline related to business and/or finance.  Master’s degree is preferred.  Additional education or training in human resources administration is an asset.


Experience in roles of progressive responsibility in an academic setting; several years’ progressive experience in management and supervision.  Experience with establishing operating budgets and priority setting.  Advanced knowledge of and experience interpreting policies, procedures and guidelines.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Must demonstrate outstanding leadership and management skills.  Ability to build agreement without relying solely on authority.  Must be able to quickly assimilate information and analyse data.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Experienced Experienced Experienced Sharepoint an asset

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Within the Faculty communicates with faculty and staff at all levels to deal with, influence and motivate.  Communicates with senior administration of the Faculty to promote, justify and settle highly sensitive matters.  Outside the Faculty, communicates with senior administration and staff to promote, justify and settle highly sensitive matters.  Externally, this position will be involved in settling highly sensitive, confidential matters that are critical to the organization.  The EO is responsible for developing and maintaining strategic working relationships in all these areas in order to fulfill the primary purpose of the position.  Significant internal relationships: Dean of AHS, Director of Advancement, Chairs, Directors, Associate Deans, Faculty members, staff members, students, Senior staff with Human Resources, Secretariat, Finance, Office of Research, Institutional Analysis & Planning, President’s Office, CECA, Student Success Office, Graduate and Undergraduate offices, Executive Director, Propel; Marketing & Communications, IST

External Relationships: External Auditors, Architects, contractors, and suppliers, Research partners

Level of Responsibility:

Manages Faculty-wide functions and processes that are highly specialized with direct reports

Decision-Making Authority:

Has financial authority for all operating, trust and endowment funds within the Faculty.  Responsible for identifying changes in policies or systems and ensuring that they are communicated and procedures are put into place to implement them within the Faculty.  Makes decision on timelines, budget allocation, staffing resources to meet stated objectives.  Responsible for implementing space allocation decisions.  Responsible for monitoring budget and project progress for large renovation projects.  Responsible for decision on hiring salaries for staff and for decisions on staff promotions.  Responsible for implementing the faculty performance appraisal program plan.  Responsible for the IT and Communications teams performance.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demand typical of a senior position operating within and office environment.

Working Environment:

Occasional travel required.  Regular working hours, some evening/weekend work required.  Exposed to stress and pressure associates with senior level responsibilities, significant financial oversight and confidential human resource leadership.