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Language Computing Consultant

Department: Arts Multi-Media Language Laboratory Effective Date: June, 2008
Grade: USG 9 Reports to: Associate Dean of Arts

General Accountability

The Language Computing Consultant is accountable to the Associate Dean of Arts, Computing, for the technical management and day-to-day operation of the Multi-Media Language Laboratory facilities within the Faculty of Arts, and for the provision of technical computing services and support to faculty, staff and student users in the Modern Languages Building. The Language Computing Consultant must work closely with the Manager and staff of the Arts Computing Office (ACO) to provide the Faculty of Arts with effective computing services and support. The Language Computing Consultant is also responsible for interactions with vendors who provide computing hardware, software and services specific to language laboratory applications.

Nature and Scope

The Language Computing Consultant has general responsibility for the technical management and day-to-day operation of the Language Laboratory facilities of the Faculty of Arts. These facilities currently consist of three laboratories: two computer-based multi-media teaching and language laboratories (ML 109 and ML 113) and a smaller independent study lab with computers, tape recorders and other audio-visual equipment (ML 110). The workstations in ML 109 and ML 113 operate on the Nexus Domain using Windows XP. The Language Computing Consultant also has general responsibility for the Faculty of Arts’ multimedia classroom studio (ML 117)

The Language Computing Consultant has responsibility for the hiring, training, scheduling and monitoring of student Language Laboratory supervisors and assistants each academic term. The hiring of student lab supervisors and assistants is done in consultation with the language departments. The incumbent liaises with professors teaching the in-class portion of language courses to help ensure proper coordination between the lab and in-class portions of these courses.

The Language Computing Consultant must maintain a detailed knowledge of current and evolving computing technologies in language instruction. In addition, the incumbent must maintain a broad knowledge of current technology and practices in information systems and technology. Areas of technical responsibility will evolve to keep pace with changes in technology and the needs of the Faculty. He/she must be familiar with, comply with and promote the University and Faculty of Arts policies, practices and procedures related to information systems and technology.

Statistical Data

The staff of the Multi-Media Language Laboratory consists of the Language Computing Consultant and approximately seven student lab supervisors and 15 to 20 student lab assistants in the Fall and Winter terms; the numbers are considerably smaller during the Spring term. During the Fall and Winter terms the two Language labs (ML 109 and 113) are booked for courses for a total of more than 70 hours per week. During the Spring term the ML 113 lab is booked for the ACE (Arts Computing Experience) camp. The budget managed by the Language Computing Consultant to pay the lab supervisors and assistants, and for other expenses, currently exceeds $36,000.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions