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Director Technology Integrated Services

Department: Information Systems and Technology Effective Date: July, 2013

USG 17

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chief Information Officer (CIO)

General Accountability

The Director is accountable to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), for the provision of those services that the Technology Integrated Services group (hereafter "the Group") supplies to the University at large and to other groups within Information Systems and Technology (IST). The Director is responsible for promoting and maintaining effective working relations between the Group and others within and outside of IST, and shares overall responsibility for day-to-day management of IST with the other Directors and the CIO.


The focus of the Group is on the continuing evolution and on-going operation of the network-infrastructure building blocks of the enterprise-wide computing and communications environment, and establishing, evolving and operating the computing system infrastructure for enterprise computing at the University.

The Group is staffed by network-systems, computing-systems, and technical personnel, and has technology architectural and operational responsibility for

and provides infrastructure support to the campus through

The Group maintains a capability for emergency off-hours response to failures of critical hardware and software.


The Director is responsible for strategic planning for the facilities maintained and supported by the Group, in keeping with the goals and missions of the University and in support of the IT Strategic Plan. The Director collaborates in planning with others in IST and other campus units as might be affected. Strategic planning encompasses reviewing support of existing services and facilities, and investigation into promising new technologies in collaboration with other groups and in particular, the Director of Enterprise Architecture, in order to appropriately select, integrate and support these technologies for enterprise computing use.

Nature and Scope

The Director provides leadership in the definition, provision and evolution of the services provided by the Group in response to changes in technology and university priorities.  The Director must work closely with members of the IST management team and with constituencies across campus to provide the University with effective computing and network systems and services. The Director must maintain productive working relationships with technical staff and management in academic and academic-support areas in order to provide effective and well-coordinated services to the entire UW community. The Director must have excellent interpersonal skills, be aware of university-wide initiatives related to the group, and be able to interact well with a variety of people from inside and outside the university.


The Director must maintain a broad knowledge of current technology and practices in information systems and technology, and a deeper knowledge in specific areas relevant to the group. The Director must be familiar with, comply with, and promote the University's policies related to information systems and technology.


The Director has general managerial responsibilities for the Group, including hiring, performance reviews, promotions, reclassifications, and dealing with disciplinary matters. The Director works with the rest of IST management on general issues of IST staffing, including career paths and staff mobility among groups. The Director is responsible for negotiating staffing and other resource commitments to IST projects, and for providing them to those projects in a timely fashion that contributes to their successful completion.


The Director exercises skill in managing technical/professional people and is responsible for ensuring that they have a productive work environment and career opportunities. The Director manages the group through effective recruitment, selection, training, and assignment of staff, the organization of functions, establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring of performance, and focusing staff efforts on University goals.




Statistical Data

Technology Integrated Services consists of an Assistant Director, 4 Managers, 4 Supervisors, and approximately 45 technician, and technical-professional staff, structured into five units.


As of 2013, the campus network includes approximately 1300 edge-switch devices providing wired-access connectivity to 20,000 user devices (servers, workstations, printers, VoIP phones, etc), 2000 wireless access-point devices enabling laptop/handheld connectivity in all on-campus buildings, 100 building-level aggregation switches, 10 constituency-aggregation switch/routers, 2 core switch/routers, 2 external-constituency security appliances, 400 security/surveillance devices, a PBX telephone switch supporting more than 7,000 ports for digital, analog, and VoIP handsets and softphones.


The enterprise computing environment includes approximately 500 server computing systems, 4000 directly managed workstations and 20,000 campus computing devices benefiting from the campus computing services. Computing facilities operate in two facilities on the main campus. Storage facilities consist of a wide variety of network attached storage, storage arrays, and direct attached storage units. Campus backup facilities provide service for more than 400 systems, with over 12TB of backup data per month.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

The Director works closely with the Directors and Managers in the other IST groups and other UW departments to support the evolution of computing and network infrastructure hardware and software in a team-oriented approach.


Normally, the Director carries out all responsibilities during UW business hours, but might infrequently be called upon to work outside of UW business hours if emergency conditions warrant.