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SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver

Department: Centre for Sight Enhancement (Low Vision Services) Effective Date: January 2011


40 hr/wk

Reports to: CSE Administrator

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the CSE Administrator and is responsible for overseeing and providing shipping and receiving, inventory management and data entry for the SEEPAC project.

Nature and Scope

The School of Optometry Clinic provides a clinical facility for the education of Optometry undergraduates, graduate students and residents at the University of Waterloo. It also provides a comprehensive Optometric service to the general public through a University-based clinic seeing approximately 25,000 patients annually.

The Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE) is a semi-autonomous clinical research and teaching facility within the School of Optometry. It is involved exclusively with activities related to the assessment and rehabilitation of visual disorders, visual impairments, visual disabilities and visual handicaps.

In addition, the Centre has a contractual arrangement with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to act as the Sight Enhancement Equipment Pool and Assessment Centre (SEEPAC) for the Ministry’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP). As suggested by its title, this Sight Enhancement Equipment Pool and Authorization Centre (SEEPAC) has two component functions. SEEPAC's primary service objective is to provide high technology (computer and CCTV devices) assessment/authorization services and to manage the aggregate inventory (or "pool") of high technology devices and CCTV systems allocated for this Ontario program. This involves acquiring, storing and distributing the project inventory in accordance with policies of the ADP. Inventory management, transactional support, technical support and efficient shipping and receiving are facilitated by an interactive, on-line, bar-coded inventory system, which was developed for this project.

The SEEPAC Shipper Receiver position is in place to oversee and provide shipping and receiving of all goods related to the SEEPAC project. Equipment is ordered through releases against blanket purchase orders and shipping requests are received electronically from Regional Assessment Centres (RACs). Equipment is received, brought into inventory and shipped to clients. If a release order arrives in poor condition or missing items, the Shipper Receiver notifies the CSE Administrator so appropriate decisions can be made in regards to payment of invoices.

The SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver is responsible for ensuring adequate inventories of new product are ordered and on-hand to meet incoming client orders from RACs in a timely manner while dealing with limited storage space for devices.  This requires that the Shipper Receiver conduct regular inventory checks of new product on hand at Central Stores and create releases for the timely delivery of new devices. The SEEPAC Oracle database provides decision support for inventory control and assists with tracking inventory stock, shipments, clients and repairs. Interaction with the Technician is essential for working with repair and replacement devices to meet client needs. Limited storage space requires consistent vigilance to ensure that stock is well organized for easy pick and pack. Dealing with a largely elderly client population with a disability can require particular patience and empathy.

The Shipper/Receiver files shipping manifests for audit purposes and reconciles Purolator tracking records with the SEEPAC database and follows up on any problem shipments.  Delivered shipments are then closed off in the SEEPAC database by the Shipper/Receiver.  This position also monitors Purolator rates in Gologix and notifies the CSE Administrator and follows up with Central Stores if rates have changed.

Return of equipment for both repairs and permanent return are also handled by this position. As some equipment is returned to the Program if no longer used, the Shipper/Receiver is responsible for ensuring equipment is accurately returned in the SEEPAC system and manual return log and equipment is directed to the technician as appropriate for repair or certification.  Clients returning equipment may be entitled to a refund therefore accuracy and timeliness is essential. Devises may be returned to the Centre with no notification or explanation which requires follow-up by the Shipper Receiver with clients.

As part of the MOHTL contract, SEEPAC manages an annual Request for Proposals and evaluates the new video-based devices companies have submitted for consideration for inclusion in the ADP program.  The Shipper Receiver is part of the evaluation process, setting up equipment, taking photo documentation, providing evaluation of equipment and returning equipment to suppliers.  Confidentiality surrounding the RFP is of the upmost importance.

To assist clients in unpacking and packing equipment, instructions and pictures are made available on a website.  The Shipper/Receiver is responsible for taking photos and developing the shipping instructions.

The SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver reports to the CSE Administrator.

Statistical Data

The SEEPAC annual contract with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides an annual budget of approximately 2.5 million dollars (in 2009).   The Equipment Pool supports a total of 9 other high technology assessment centres, and three outreach programs (SEEPAC – Windsor, University of Toronto – Peterborough, CNIB Toronto – Barrie) providing assessment expertise and prompt equipment delivery and equipment service to clients of authorizers in these Centres. As part of the of the SEEPAC contract, the Shipper/Receiver is responsible for the receipt, inventory management and shipment of approximately 1200 systems annually. SEEPAC is also responsible for maintaining the total leased inventory for the province, which at any time numbers about 4500 systems. During the year, the Shipper/Receiver also handles shipment and deliveries for 300 repairs.

Specific Accountabilities

And maintain files of shipping manifests for audit purposes.

Working Conditions