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Purchasing/Financial Co-ordinator

Department: Biology Effective Date: October, 2013


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrative Officer

General Accountability

This position reports directly to the Administrative Officer.

Nature and Scope

As a member of the support staff in the Biology Main Office, the incumbent is expected to perform the duties of the position within established polices and procedures pertaining to purchasing and financial matters and according to an established calendar of events. The incumbent must work closely with faculty, technicians and graduate students to ensure accuracy of the orders and under minimal supervision, but will receive instructions and guidance from the Administrative Officer.


Significant internal and external relationships for this position include:


Statistical Data

The Department of Biology has 42 faculty members, 3 instructors, 2 Associate Chairs, 3 CRC Chairs and 27 postdoctoral fellows/research associates. There are 17 technical support staff and 7 administrative support staff.  The Department offers programs in Honours Biology, Honours Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Sciences. The Department teaches courses to approximately 6,500 undergraduate students each term and graduate enrolment is approximately 120-140 students.  The departmental operating budget exceeds six million dollars and total research income exceeds five million dollars. 

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Responsible for processing and tracking all purchases made by the faculty, staff and graduate students in the Department of Biology via the UW on-line purchase requisition system, by generating a systems contract and/or a purchase requisition or by using the on-line system through the vendor directly. Also responsible for maintaining an up-to-date filing system for each course and/or research (lab) purchase to ensure easy recall in a given fiscal year. 

  2. Responsible for ensuring that all purchases have been received in good order and returning incorrect or damaged items to the appropriate vendors when required. Accepting and storing perishable orders is required from time-to-time. Some heavy lifting is required from time-to-time depending on the size and/or weight of the parcels. 

  3. Responsible for processing and tracking all departmental purchases for teaching and administrative purposes. Working in conjunction with the Administrative Officer, the Purchasing/Financial Assistant will verify each month all departmental expenses against the monthly financial statements and report any discrepancies to the Administrative Officer. 

  4. Responsible for processing and tracking all departmental charge backs. The incumbent will work closely with a number of facility managers to ensure the accuracy of the charge backs. The incumbent will also work closely with the Research Financial Officer to ensure that proper account numbers are provided and the items are an allowable expense on the given grant in order to streamline the process. 

  5. Responsible for issuing departmental key permits, issuing the paperwork for key deposits and returns,  reconciling permits on a quarterly basis and keeping an up-to-date database of all key deposits and reconciling key deposit funding once per year. The incumbent is also responsible for reporting lost and/or stolen keys to Key Control.

  6. The incumbent is the first point of contact for all who visit the Department of Biology, either in person or on the telephone. Also responsible to process all incoming mail from on and off campus, and help to process requests for courier packages.



Secondary Responsibilities


  1. Maintain the booking schedule for all departmental vehicles and schedule all maintenance appointments to ensure that vehicles are kept in top working condition.

  2. Maintain the booking schedule for all departmental AV equipment (laptops and data projectors) and ensures that the equipment is kept in excellent working order.

  3. Maintain departmental photocopiers, printers and fax machine.

  4. Ensure that supplies are replenished on a weekly basis. This includes placing orders for office supplies as well as stocking sufficient university forms within the department.
  5. Assists the Administrative Officer with the Annual Holiday Party securing donations from various vendors for door prizes. 

  6. Other duties as assigned from time to time by the Administrative Officer.

Working Conditions