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Finance Coordinator

Date: October, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Operations Supervisor
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Accounts Receivable Coordinator; Accounting Assistant
Department: Campus Wellness


Health Services/Counselling Services


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Campus Wellness Administration team serves the University of Waterloo community by supporting Health Services and Counselling Services with effective, efficient, collaborative, client-focused administrative service.


The Finance Coordinator is accountable to the Operations Supervisor to ensure the effective and efficient day to day financial operations of all Campus Wellness venues. In collaboration with the Operations Supervisor, this individual is accountable for all financial matters related to Campus Wellness, and is regarded as one of the senior staff positions within the Campus Wellness Operations team.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Administer all Accounts Payable and Receivable



2.  Oversee all OHIP and non-OHIP billing



3.  Coordinate and Oversee Payroll



4.  Human Resources Administration



5.  Financial/Billing Liaison

Position Requirements


Health / business administration degree, certificate or diploma, or equivalent experience


At least five years of business and human resources management experience in healthcare setting (preferably in post-secondary)


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
working knowledge extensive knowledge working knowledge

Extensive knowledge of:

1. electronic health records system (Clinic Information System (CIS) preferred)

Working knowledge of:

1. FORE, or equivalent financial services system

2. SharePoint

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Communicates with all administrative and clinical staff in all Wellness groups and areas. Attention to detail and the ability to perform in a fast-paced and varied environment are necessary in this role.




Internal and External Contacts



Works in close collaboration with members of Wellness Operations Team; Clinical staff (e.g. mental health clinicians, physicians, psychiatrists); Financial Services, IST



Contacts include: Sun Life Financial, Ministry of Health

Level of Responsibility:

Responsible for all areas described above, ensuring all financial activities are conducted in a manner satisfactory to all relevant regulatory bodies (e.g. Ministry of Health).

Decision-Making Authority:

The Finance Coordinator, in collaboration with Operations Supervisor, has final decision-making authority for all items outlined above

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Possibility for multiple interruptions and competing priorities on daily basis.  Ample opportunity for movement within various areas in at least two on-campus buildings where Wellness services are delivered.

Working Environment:

Normal stress and pressure associated with this level of position; located in comfortable indoor area. There may be unusual hours or schedules, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one’s control and constant interruptions (e.g. phone calls, e-mails, unplanned but urgent support requests, varying student volumes at different times of year). At times, hours of operation include from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Position requires flexibility to occasionally shift working hours to include evenings.