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University Reception Attendant

Department: Information Systems and Technology Effective Date: April, 2008


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Telecommunications Services Coordinator

General Accountability

The University Reception Attendant is accountable to the Telephone Communications Analyst, Administrative Support, for the operation of a 2250 switchboard.

Nature and Scope

As the University has grown to include many more off campus sites and business related spinoffs, the job of the attendant has changed as well. In this capacity she/he uses her/his extensive knowledge of campus facilities, faculty changes, university special events, and university business associations to ensure calls are appropriately directed.

Telephone Services incorporates the University’s central switchboard that serves as the University’s Reception. University Reception Attendants must be proficient in the use of a 2250 switchboard. She/he places conference calls from the switchboard, places long distance calls, and understands and explains extension, toll free and long distance restrictions to clients.

The incumbent must have excellent communication skills and a good knowledge of the university environment. He/she must have the experience and ability to handle a high volume 2250 switchboard.  The candidate must be familiar with a PC based directory such as Switchview and have knowledge of long distance dialling procedures within North America and Internationally.  Knowledge of conference call dialling procedures required.  The incumbent must be capable of adapting to new switchboard technology.

The Attendant also provides support to the Telephone Services office including monthly wireless bill mailings, creating reports from an online bill for charge out purposes and other duties as required.

Statistical Data


Specific Accountabilities

      • Operation of a 2250 Switchboard
      • Information searches using Switchview and Meridian SL-1 console
      • Excellent understanding of the console operation including: trunk lines and extensions, indicators, and their relationship to the operation and supervision of the console to ensure prompt service
      • Direct callers to their precise number accurately and efficiently
      • Handle customers with tact, diplomacy and confidentiality when required
      • Dealing with diverse clientele on a daily basis
      • Provide directions, when possible, to various campus and extended campus locations
      • Responsible for providing exceptional customer service
      • Handle general and specific inquiries from visitors and personnel
      • Keep up to date with changes to campus and extended campus
      • Notify supervisor of any disruptions in service and changes to directory information
      • Booking and placement of conference calls
      • Placement of overseas and 900 calls
      • Completion of emergency calls
      • Check main monthly invoice of the entire university for nonstandard charges 
      • Cross check monthly cell phone billing against database
      • Mass-mailing of monthly cell phone invoices to over 400 users on campus
      • Awareness of campus functions and events to provide assistance to callers
      • Input and tracking of telephone repair request through Request Tracker system
      • Assist with filing when require

Working Conditions

Working as part of a team in a close office environment, a great deal of the day is spent seated at a computer and switchboard console.